What Dissolves Toilet Paper?

Toilet paper is usually not suspected, but it can block toilets, especially if it’s not biodegradable. With the right chemicals, you can get rid of toilet paper on your toilet. So, what dissolves toilet paper?

Using standard household chemical products such as vinegar, dish soap, aspirin, and baking soda can help you to dissolve toilet paper. Commercial products dissolve toilet paper fairly easily; you need to use things like Drano, caustic soda, or even RID-X.

But please note: It may seem that many of these chemicals do what they are supposed to, but they can also cause serious harm to your toilet. It’s essential to be extra careful when handling these chemicals.

Others, like common household chemicals, offer a cheaper means to unblock your toilet. They don’t require much work, like the use of toilet plungers or toilet snakes.

Let’s outline the various methods for dissolving toilet paper and how to apply them.

Chemicals That Can Dissolve Toilet Paper And How To Use Them

You can utilize drain cleaners or household chemicals purchased from a plumbing supply store. Here are some more options.

Household Chemicals for Dissolving Toilet Paper

Here are the most efficient and effective household chemicals to help you dissolve toilet paper from your toilet.

1. Bleach

Bleach breaks down toilet paper into smaller pieces that you can easily dump down the drain. Best of all, bleach kills germs that cause you to have infections in your toilet.

Please NOTE: It can cause your eyes to become very dizzy, so you should remember to wear a mask when using bleach. Bleach can also cause problems with your pipes; if you leave it in the toilet tank for a long time, your pipes may be damaged.


Bleach works by breaking down toilet paper into tiny bits, so you can easily clean the toilet without worrying that the paper will clog it.

Fleecing the traps is the best way to remove any bleach and toilet paper traces that block the drain.

2. Dishwasher soap.

Dishwasher soap acts as a lubricant for toilet paper, enabling it to be pushed down the toilet’s drain. This works well with hot water, as it causes toilet paper to dissolve faster and will not stick to the wall of the toilet.


If you use mild dish soap, pour about half a liter into the bowl. Add hot water to the bowl. Wait for 30 minutes for the toilet paper to absorb the water.

After that, fill the bowl with hot water (about 1/2 gallon).

Wait a good 30 minutes to allow the paper to dissolve completely. Flush your toilet normally to see if the toilet paper is gone.

3. Vinegar & Baking Soda

Acidic vinegar and baking soda, which is essential, help to soften toilet paper. Some of you might wonder. Why do you need vinegar and baking soda? The vinegar and baking soda cause the water to start fizzling.


  • Reducing the water in the toilet bowl by approximately 50% is a great way to unclog it.
  • Put half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of bicarbonate soda in the toilet bowl. Let it fizz and allow it to continue to happen.
  • After fuzzing is over, add 1 cup of vinegar to your bowl.
  • Wait until the toilet water starts to fizz. Allow it to keep doing that for a while.
  • After the water starts to fizz, run hot water in your toilet bowl. Flush the toilet normally.
  • Flush your toilet as you would a normal person.

4. Aspirin

Aspirin is a powerful medicine that can quickly remove toilet paper. Aspirin can cause toilet paper towels and Kleenex to dissolve.

What to do:

  • Put a few aspirin tablets in the toilet drain and wait a few minutes for them to work.
  • Flush your toilet to remove the toilet paper.

5. Pepsi or Coca-Cola

Drinks that you used to enjoy as soft drinks might have a more adverse impact on toilet paper. Coke/Pepsi contains phosphorous acid, which has fantastic dissolving properties. Therefore, you can use these drinks to dissolve toilet paper.

What Dissolves Toilet Paper?
Pour Coca-Cola into your bowl

What to do:

Buy two liters of Pepsi or coke soda and allow it to cool down to room temperature.

Pour a few liters of coke or Pepsi down the drain and let it bubble for an hour. It should then be dissolved.

Run warm water down your toilet drain to dissolve away the toilet paper in your toilet bowl.

Flush your toilet as you would normally.

Best Commercial Chemical Cleaners to Dissolve Toilet Paper

You may want commercial chemical cleaners to help dissolve toilet paper from your drain. Here are a few options for you:

Caustic Soda

Caustic soda will help you clear your toilet in just 10 to 15 minutes. It’s essential to protect yourself because caustic soda can be harmful. It will also damage your pipes. Always remember these safety tips: Wear protective gear!

Use protective clothing like safety gloves, protective gloves, and protective glasses when working with a chemical drain cleaner. Work safely and in a well-ventilated place. Don’t directly add water to caustic soda. It should be the other way around. Wiping up spillages.

What to do:

  • Add 1 kg of caustic soda to 4.5l of water slowly
  • Stir mixture, if required.
  • Pour this mixture into the toilet and leave it to sit for at least an hour.
  • Flush your toilet.
  • Wipe the toilet with regular toilet paper and cleaning products, and flush the toilet again.


Drano drain cleaner is aimed at clearing up drains that are blocked by toilet paper. Drano is an excellent way to clean up any blocked drain. It is also helpful for clearing out hair and other hard-to-remove materials. Drano contains bacteria that can help break down the toilet paper hence dissolving it.

What Dissolves Toilet Paper?

Please Note: Using some drain cleaner that contains harmful chemicals can cause problems. You need to wear some safety gear when dealing with a drain cleaner.

Drano Max Drain Clog Remover is an excellent drain cleaner that will work on all drains. It’s safe and effective.

This product will unclog your drain and work on your toilet and sink. It doesn’t destroy your septic tank.


This is primarily a septic cleaner, but you may also use it to dissolve toilet paper. It works effectively and fast.

What to do:

Add RID-X into your bowl and leave it to work for at least 15 minutes.

Flush your toilet like you would be expected.

Overall, if you have a clogged drain, you can use a product like RID-X. Use this cleaning product to get rid of all kinds of stubborn clogs.

Many good bacteria and natural enzymes work gently on your drains. RID-X will prevent septic back-ups and allow easy maintenance of your septic.

What Dissolves Toilet Paper?

Muriatic Acid

It is effective in causing toilet paper to dissolve quickly. It is incredibly effective in dissolving toilet paper quickly and effectively removing blockages from the toilet bowl.

But, like all other acids, muriatic acid is toxic; you should avoid coming into contact with it. Wear safety goggles, a mask, and long sleeves when you work with muriatic acid.

What to do:

Put one part of muriatic acid in 10 parts of water, and give it time to react.

Pour this solution into the toilet drains and let it react with the natural PH of the water.

Slowly add baking soda to the toilet water to make it more neutral. Let it sit for some minutes.

Flush your toilet to force the clog out of your toilet drain.

The Non-Chemical Alternatives

Remember, you can always get rid of toilet clogs non-chemically, and here are your options:

Plunger – Your toilet plunger can help you eliminate minor toilet paper clogs.

Hot water flushing – You can flush hot water down the drain to dissolve the toilet paper.

Toilet snake – It enables you to dislodge toilet clogs deep-lying in the drain. It’s also effective against other clogs.

Hooked wire hanger – You can make your toilet snake by straightening a wire hanger and bending one end to form a hook. You’ll then need to insert the hook end into the drain to dislodge the toilet paper.

How to Dissolve Toilet Paper in Septic Tank

Generally, if you use septic-safe toilet paper that is degradable, you won’t have a blockage in your septic tank. Also, take care to choose the best toilet paper that dissolves easily.

It’s critical to note that you should prevent flushing excess toilet paper since that can block your toilet and may longer to dissolve.

But to ensure that you speed up the rate of bacteria paper degradation in the septic tank, you should use septic saver packets.

What Dissolves Toilet Paper?
Septic saver tablets

Dissolving Paper Towels in Drain Pipes

It would be best if you had strong cleaners to dissolve paper towels. These cleaners are available in stores. These include RID-X, Muriatic acid, and Drano, even though the paper towels must be disposable.

You’ll want to spray the drain cleaner liberally and allow it to work before you flush the toilet.

Dissolving Toilet Paper in a Drain Line

You should be able to dissolve toilet paper by using any of the following methods:

  • Use drain cleaners like RID-X or Drano.
  • Disconnect the toilet and run hot water down the drain.
  • Flushing boiling water and dishwater down your drains.
  • Using a toilet snake or plunger.


1. How can you make toilet paper dissolvable quickly?

You will see that your toilet paper will dissolve more quickly if you first use septic-safe and biodegradable toilet paper. You will also be able to speed up the dissolving process by avoiding flushes with large amounts of toilet paper. Not to forget, treat your septic tank regularly.

2. How long will I wait for the toilet paper to dissolve?

Most strong chemicals and drain cleaners dissolve the toilet paper within 15 to 30 minutes. Some may take several hours before completing the job.


We recommend trying the steps suggested in this article if your drain is clogged with toilet paper. My final take is that avoid using excess toilet paper. Also, using septic-safe and biodegradable toilet paper is best to avoid such troubles.

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