What is a Bypass Shower Door?

In many cases, we homeowners use one term for a product while its actual or market term is different from that one. Bypass shower doors are a prime example of this. You might have seen these doors countless times, but you may know them by another name.

A bypass shower door is a kind of sliding shower door but slightly different. It bears two glass or plastic panels placed in a metallic rack (with or without rollers); they slide past one another in both directions.  The bypass shower doors are available in both framed and frameless options

Further, in this article, I will talk about how the bypass door is slightly different from the sliding door. I will compare it with other door types and see if is it worth buying.

Bypass Shower Door vs. Sliding Shower Door: What’s the Difference?

Most people think people a bypass shower door and a sliding shower door are the same. They do have the similarity that both slide in an aluminum rack. However, technically both types of doors are different.

In a sliding shower door, there are two panels fitted in a metallic rack. One rack is fixed while the other can slide back and forth. However, in a bypass shower door, if there are two glass panels, they both can slide and bypass each other.

bypass shower door vs sliding shower door

So, next time, when you see a shower door, hopefully, you will distinguish between these two types of doors.

What are the advantages of Using Bypass Shower Doors?

Bypass Shower doors are a household choice in shower doors. Here are some of the advantages these doors offer.

Easy to Use

Sliding shower doors are convenient since they allow easy access to the shower controls. They can easily be installed either on a standalone shower or a bathtub. Their mechanism is simple so they suit those with limited mobility; they can easily get in and out of the tub or shower.

Saves a lot of space

In a small bathroom, a bypass shower door can be a lifesaver. Since bypass doors don’t utilize hinges, they won’t occupy any space for their opening. They are well-suited for showers built in a small space.

Stylish and Modern Design Solution

Many homeowners are interested in doing a complete bathroom remodel, but few of them can actually afford the time and money required. However, you can also give your bathroom a stylish and modern look with a few inexpensive adjustments.

One of these adjustments could be adding a bypass shower door. With multiple design options and textures, it is a cost-effective solution to make your shower space look new and modern.

Excellent Option for Kids

Self-showering and bathing are normal developmental stages for children. As a parent, this is an exciting time, but it may also be stressful because kids aren’t always careful to keep water contained in the shower or bathtub. In that case, a bypass shower door is a very good option since it is easy for children to handle and it successfully keeps water in. It is a far superior alternative to swinging doors and shower curtains.

Easy to Install

For the construction of a bypass door, you need a metallic panel on the top and bottom and pair of glass panels. The installation is much easier and can be completed in a few hours.

What are the downsides of Using Bypass Shower Doors?

Despite multiple advantages, there are some downsides, that you must be aware of if you are considering buying a Bypass Shower Door.

Rack Collects Water

The bypass door comprises a metal rack at the bottom, the water and grime can easily accumulate in these tracks despite the weep holes. So, you may need to do frequent cleaning otherwise the rack will get messier over time.

Noise of Rattling

Some people don’t like the noise of the two doors rattling when they slide past each other. This is not a major concern. However, some may consider it a downside.

Heavy Doors may be Difficult to slide

Generally, the bypass doors are easy to move and slide. However, glass doors with the thicker panel can be difficult to slide.

Can I use Bypass Shower Door for Bathtub and Shower Combo?

Yes, the bypass shower door is the top priority of people for installation on the bathtub and shower space. Firstly, the door effectively helps to contain the water within the bathtub. Secondly, since it contains two sliding panels, so you have the flexibility to enter and exit from different sides.

a modern bypass shower door

Bypass Shower Door vs. Pivoted Shower Door

Since we have talked a lot about the bypass shower doors, let’s compare them with another door type, Pivoted Shower Door.

The main difference between the two is their mechanism. As I said earlier, in a bypass shower door, the glass panels slide past one another. Whereas, in the pivoted doors, a glass door turns around a fixed hinge attached to a neighboring panel or shower wall. Pivoted doors are like the ones we use commonly in our rooms.

Just like bypass doors, they are easy to install. However, since they swing outward, you will need space outside the shower to accommodate their movement. Moreover, since these doors swing around, there is a chance they may hit the toilet and shatter.

The table below summarizes the differences between a bypass shower door and a pivoted shower door.

 Bypass Shower DoorPivoted Shower Door
MechanismTwo glass panels slide on a trackGlassdoor swings around a hinge
UsageShower and BathtubShower Space only
ProsSaves space Keeps in water effectivelyEasy installation Cost Effective
ConsWater and grime gather on the trackRequires space for swinging of the door

Final Words

If you are planning to remodel or thinking of a solution to cover your bathtub and shower space. Then, one of the cost-effective solutions is buying a bypass shower door. It not only keeps in water effectively but also saves up space.

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