What Is a Shower Toilet?

You probably would’ve heard about the amazing features, creative designs, and variety of available models that a shower toilet can offer. I’m sure there’s a question on your mind; what exactly is a shower toilet, and is it even worth the buzz?

To put it simply, a shower toilet is similar to a standard toilet but with a twist. It features nifty functionalities, the most notable of which is that it includes bidet functions. It features built-in water jets and a drying function to assist you in cleaning yourself and drying yourself afterward.

Knowing the great features of a shower toilet may have probably piqued your curiosity regarding all the details. Let’s go right along to addressing the questions that must be in your head. 

What Is a Bidet?

A bidet is a bowl or receptacle that can be connected to a toilet so that one can wash their private parts after using the toilet. The bidet is usually portable, but it can also be a permanent nozzle attached to the toilet.

How Do Shower Toilets Work?

a Roca shower toilet with automatic pre-rinsing and post-rinsing of the nozzle with fresh water

Shower toilets are designed to make it easy and convenient for people to use the toilet while standing up. The toilets have a built-in shower head that can be used to clean yourself after using the toilet. To use a shower toilet, you simply stand in front of the toilet and do your business. Then, you use the shower head to clean yourself off.

You use a shower toilet the same way you would a regular toilet since it serves the same purpose. However, because it makes use of technology to improve hygiene, once you’re done, the toilet will flush water when you allow it by pressing a button or a handle to wash, and you can also use another button to dry yourself off.

The shower toilets are available in various models and offer you convenience, relaxation, improved hygiene, and even environmental advantages.

What Features Does a Shower Toilet Have?

A shower toilet can have the following features:

  1. Can be operated using a remote or an app,
  2. Has heated seats as an option
  3. Has motion sensors
  4. Nightlight function
  5. Ability to adjust the water temperature and drying intensity

Despite how weird that statement may sound, we all enjoy our time in the bathroom, and having a toilet with comforting and relaxing features completes the picture!

Let me go over each of the aforementioned features in more depth.

close up photo of the remote control for Roca Shower toilet

Use of Technology

The shower toilet’s use of technology has to be its most remarkable feature. For a shower toilet, you can have a remote control to operate every feature, or even better, you can put an app on your phone, and it will take care of providing you with a hygienic, hands-free bathroom experience.

You can control some incredible functions with the remote control. The spray arm’s position and water intensity can both be adjusted to suit a particular gender’s requirements. In addition, you have complete control over the drying intensity, water temperature, and much more.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors that are incorporated into the shower toilet enable automatic operations for you.

The sensors in the toilet will automatically open the seat for you as you get close to it and close it when you’ve finished using it.

Furthermore, it has a night light function.

Who would want to walk into a brightly lit room at night? A shower toilet will have you covered since it features nightlights that open automatically when you use the toilet in the dark.

Heated Seat 

Hands down, the best feature you can have is a heated seat. 

It provides warmth which can aid in relaxation and the avoidance of sore muscles and discomfort. It is also useful in reducing pain for people who have been injured.

And what could be better on a cold morning than a heated seat?

What Advantages Do Shower Toilets Offer?

roca in wall shower toilet

The main advantage of shower toilets is that they offer a much more hygienic way to cleanse the body compared to traditional toilets. This is because when you use a shower toilet, water is used to cleanse the area between the buttocks, which significantly reduces the number of bacteria that can cause infections.

In addition, shower toilets are also much more comfortable to use since they do not require you to squat or sit in an uncomfortable position.

Shower toilets come with benefits in addition to smart functions, such as:

  • Improved hygiene
  • Reduced toilet paper consumption
  • Positive environmental impact
  • Improved well-being
  • Benefits for pregnant women, and more.


After using the shower toilet, you can wash with warm water owing to the shower toilet’s water-streaming feature, which improves your well-being. As the name says, you will also get a clean, showered feeling.

Reduced Toilet Paper Consumption

Since shower toilets allow you to clean yourself with water instead of toilet paper, the environmental impact will be lessened. Additionally, skin irritation brought on by toilet paper will be avoided.

Beneficial for Pregnant Women 

Pregnant women benefit from the toilets’ adjustable nozzles because they can easily adjust them instead of leaning to clean themselves. Additionally, the thorough cleaning and gentle drying suit them well.

Reasons to Opt for a Shower Toilet

Better Hygiene 

Many individuals have been using toilet paper to wipe themselves off for a very long time while forgetting the fact that water is a vital part of the cleaning ritual. It goes without saying that using water to clean oneself is a far more effective method and gets rid of all the bacteria and germs, improving your hygiene.

It is a gentler and more effortless technique to clean yourself, and it will unquestionably make you feel fresh and clean.

Advantageous Option

As previously mentioned, the use of water minimizes the usage of toilet paper, which has a positive influence on the environment. And thanks to the drying feature, you may avoid using toilet paper even after cleaning. What a benefit to have a totally paperless option.

Elegant Appearance 

The wall-hung shower toilet, which is one of many models of shower toilets that are available, has a stylish look in my opinion. Even more so, it gives the impression of additional space.

With such incredible features and an exquisite appearance for your bathroom, how could you possibly say no?

Where Are Shower Toilets Installed?

The shower toilets are installed just where a typical shower toilet would be. In fact, even a shower toilet’s piping connection is similar to a normal one. However, you may require an additional water connection and an electricity connection.

There are a few key differences, however. A shower toilet typically has a larger bowl to accommodate the shower function, and the bowl is usually sloped so that water can run off more easily.

If the Power Goes Out, Would the Shower Toilet Stop Working?

A shower toilet is just a standard toilet if the smart features are disregarded; thus, it won’t stop working in the case of a power outage. The smart functions, however, would undoubtedly stop since they require an electrical connection to function.

When the power goes out, the bidet nozzle stops functioning, but the flush wouldn’t. In light of this, if you need to use the restroom, then wipe yourself off with toilet paper and flush the toilet as usual.

You will need to manually lift and close the toilet seat because it won’t operate automatically. Similar to that, every smart feature would stop working, including the heated seat, nightlight, etc.


Who Can Use a Shower Toilet?

Anyone can use the shower toilet. However, it is especially helpful for aged people with physical disabilities because these automatic features work wonders for them. They can wash and dry themselves without assistance and use the heated seat to make using the toilet more comfortable.

Is Using a Shower Toilet More Expensive Than Using a Regular One?

A shower toilet does not cost very much to use. Although it utilizes electricity, it only does so when the toilet is being used, not continuously all day, therefore the energy consumption is quite low. Additionally, you can save money on toilet paper!


Now that you are aware of the intriguing features of the shower toilet, you shouldn’t wait any longer to grab one.

I’m confident that, at this point, all of your questions have been answered, and you have already decided whether or not you want to purchase it.

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