What Is Number 3 in the Bathroom?

You’ve probably heard of going number 1 and 2, but number 3 seems peculiar, doesn’t it? I’m sure you have some questions about what number 3 is. Let me explain it to you.

Many people believe that going number 1 and 2 together, or you could say peeing and pooping together, is what number 3 actually refers to. However, that would only fall under number 2. When someone says they need to do number 3, they are referring to the need to puke or, in simpler terms, to vomit.

Since you now know the answer to your query, let’s step a little deeper into the details of why people vomit in the toilet.

Why Do People Prefer to Throw Up in the Toilet Bowl Rather Than the Sink?

Most often, people prefer to throw up in the toilet bowl since it can take anything and, when you flush, the bowl will be clean. In contrast, a sink may become clogged, and you will need to unclog it. The sink usually even begins to sink.

While it is simple to clean the toilet after throwing up, it is also a better position for you to throw up.

The toilet can be easily flushed away and you do not have to worry about the mess.

Is There Any Harm in Vomiting In the Toilet?

Since you vomit too close to the toilet bowl, you may catch a disease or, in the less severe case, become ill from the bacteria. Therefore, it’s crucial that you adequately clean yourself after vomiting in the toilet bowl.

It is important to vomit into a toilet or container that can be easily cleaned, as vomit can contain harmful bacteria that can cause illness. If you must vomit into a toilet, be sure to flush it immediately afterward.

How Do You Clean a Toilet Bowl After You’ve Vomited in It?

Toilet bowl cleaning doesn’t take much effort. To disinfect the toilet, you can first wash it with hot water. As is customary, you can next clean it with bleach or any other cleaning agent you believe would do the job.

You can keep people from contracting bacteria and getting sick by thoroughly cleaning the toilet bowl and surrounding area because vomit can sometimes be contagious.

Here are the steps for cleaning the toilet bowl;

  1. It is important to put on a mask and gloves before you begin cleaning to prevent catching any bacteria.
  2. Pour some hot water over the toilet.

Hot water kills bacteria quite effectively, therefore it will disinfect the toilet seat and bowl.

  1. After cleaning the toilet, you should use a disposable towel to wipe down any surfaces you believe you may have touched after vomiting, such as door handles, sink faucets, toilet flush handles, etc.
  2. Next, use a bleach solution to clean the toilet bowl.
  3. Close the lid on the toilet and flush it.
  4. Finally, discard your mask and gloves.


I believe you now have a clear understanding of term number 3 and the rationale behind why people use toilets for it. 

Also, now that you know all of the cleaning tips, you won’t have to worry about your bathroom getting infected with bacteria the next time you vomit.

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