What Is the Maximum Distance Required from Your Toilet to The Septic Tank?

If you live in an area where you can’t access municipal sewer services, you’ll require alternatives, like the field lines or installing a septic drain tank. Luckily, constructing these systems is a walk in the park.

However, there are specific health issues and building codes which you need to consider before laying your septic tank or drain field. Perhaps, you must consider constructing them as far as possible. Even though the distance may vary, most building codes require you to construct your septic tank at least 100 feet from your toilet.

So, How Can You Locate and Measure the Distance Between Your Toilet and The Septic Tank?

Here are a few simple steps you’ll follow to find out the exact distance between your toilet and the septic tank.

Step 1:

Typically, the septic system drains into the house through a primary access point on the property, so if you cannot find any indications of where the tank is, just open the main access point and run a plumbing snake into the line to reach the tank.

Snakes are basically just fibreglass rod or steel that is pushed down the main sewer pipe to break up blockages. But clever utilization of this fibreglass rod can actually help you locate a septic tank.

Step 2:

Push the fibreglass rod “snake” into the drain pipe until it halts. It may not go as far as you think. It will stop once it hits the septic tank’s inlet baffle.

Step 3:

By measuring how far the fibreglass “snake” has travelled into the drain pipe before it halts, you can calculate how far the septic tank is from your house. It may be closer to the house than you think because the pipe runs in a curve or bend, and it’s not parallel to the wall of the house.

If you discover obstacles in the main line, you need to locate them, excavate, and fix the problem.

A video to guide you in locating your septic tank.


Can you set up a bathroom above a septic tank?

No, this may cause problems that you can avoid. You should direct the water from your septic tank in two directions: west or east. It should never go to the south. Avoid building a kitchen or your bedroom above a septic tank.

How far down should your septic tank be filled?

8-12 inches is the appropriate space should be left from the top of your septic tank. However, the level might slightly vary due to the different septic tank sizes.

Can you build a shed above your septic field?

You can’t build a shed on a septic tank: Sheds and other heavy structures can be dangerous.

Final Thoughts

If you are renovating your bathroom, you have to be sure that there are enough distances between the different accessories and components which make your bathroom spacious and easily accessible. Likewise, to ensure safety, you must consider whether the Maximum Distance Required from your toilet to the septic tank is met as per the plumbing codes. If the distance between your toilet and septic tank is not as expected by the plumbing codes, contact your professional plumber to foresee the proceeding steps.  

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