Why Are Toilets White?

Have you ever wondered why all the toilets you’ve ever seen in your life have been white? And, if so, why are they always white? I have an answer to your question.

The fact that toilets are made of porcelain, which is white, is the main factor in their color. Additionally, white toilets are simpler to maintain since you can easily see the filth. White toilets also add a pleasant aesthetic to any bathroom, regardless of the theme.

Why do you see white toilet paper and bathroom fixtures in every public restroom?

Let me expand on the toilets and the reasons for their white appearance.

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5 Reasons Why Toilets Are Mostly White

Here are five reasons why toilets are usually white:


Porcelain is the first and most obvious reason. Porcelain, white in color, is a durable material used to make toilets. Porcelain is used because it fulfills all the requirements for a bathroom fixture of exceptional quality.

Since porcelain doesn’t absorb much water or other liquids, it doesn’t require as frequent cleaning as other materials might.


White is the simplest and most effective color for a toilet to be made of. It denotes purity. We frequently perceive and assume that white objects are cleaner than brown ones. And of course, we also want our bathrooms to be tidy and clean.

The color white naturally conveys a feeling of cleanliness. A white toilet will convey simplicity, cleanliness, and freshness in your bathroom. Toilet paper is also white due to the same reason.

Easily Visible Dirt

A white toilet will make it simple for you to see where and when to clean it. A white toilet is more hygienic.

Despite the fact that it may be unpleasant, knowing when to clean can help you avoid bacteria and unsanitary buildup.

Since white toilet seats can easily reflect sunlight and show any stains that may be present on them, they’re often preferred in bathrooms with bright color schemes.

Low Cost

Purchasing a toilet made of porcelain in its original, white state is far less expensive than having your porcelain altered. By doing this, you may give your bathroom a minimal appearance without spending a lot of money.


a white toilet adds elegance to the bathroom

White toilets complement any bathroom theme and have a sleek, modern appearance. White, which is a delicate and calming color, will offer your bathroom the ideal atmosphere that is neither too bright nor too dreary.

Why Are Toilets Made of Porcelain?

Porcelain is used to make toilets since it provides all the necessary elements for a sleek toilet. It is made of a sturdy, long-lasting material that can last forever. Naturally, it is also convenient and hygienic.

Porcelain is strong enough to support even the heaviest person’s weight and has excellent compressive strength. Additionally, it is rust-proof, which is great for a toilet that constantly has water in it.

Last but not least, compared to other colored toilet materials, it is inexpensive.

Do Toilets Come In Different Colors?

toilets in different colors

Toilets are available in a variety of colors. You can certainly choose the color for your bathroom, and the best thing is that you can even have a custom-colored toilet that will complement the theme of your bathroom and liven it up.

Here are a few of the most popular hues available for toilets:


Tan can be a lovely color for your bathroom. It gives a mild energy dose and can nicely complement the bathroom’s decor. The best thing about it is that a toilet painted tan can stand out while still being subtle enough.


The way a black toilet gives off a sleek and elegant appearance makes it unquestionably my favorite. Even a small bathroom may be made elegant and exquisite with a black toilet.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your bathroom to a classy one, a shiny black toilet is exactly what you need.


In the past, blue toilets were quite common. It exudes a calm, cozy vibe.

Investing in blue toilets is absolutely a wise move!


a red and maroon toilet

A red toilet is for you if you’re not afraid to try out new things.

It might be suitable to some individuals but not to others, but if having it will complete the aesthetic of your themed bathroom, you should surely give it some thought.

It will make a strong statement and stand out clearly in a vintage bathroom, making it the ideal choice.


a green toilet
Image from Toledo Architectural Artifacts

Another fantastic option for a toilet color is green. It exudes a calm, natural vibe. I can guarantee that your green toilet will look stunning and will astonish everyone.


Last but not least, picture how lovely a pastel yellow toilet will appear. It will look lovely in a retro bathroom, and I’d fall in love with my yellow-themed bathroom if I had one.

Why Are Colored Toilets Uncommon?

Back then, colored toilets were the preferred design. People gradually stopped getting them as the world advanced, and they fell out of favor, being replaced with simple white toilets.

Themed bathrooms were once common in every home, and individuals would go to great extents to match their toilets to their bathroom decor.

Nevertheless, most colored toilets are still prevalent in older homes.

However, as it is becoming more popular, black is one color you might see. Shiny black toilets and themes are frequently chosen by those who want to give their bathrooms a more lavish appearance since it also has a modern appeal.

Colored toilets, on the other hand, are pricey because only a few individuals buy them, and they are even difficult to find in the market.

Should You Get a Colored Toilet?

colored toilets
Image from Haps Abcede

Although a white toilet is the nicest option, if you believe a colored toilet will complement your toilet’s theme and vibe, you should definitely go for it.

You might need to look around a bit to find a colored toilet, but it will definitely be worthwhile.


You now know the reason why toilets are white, but more importantly, you are aware that colored toilets are also available and can look stunning in your bathroom.

You can select the best option for your bathroom with the choices and information above.

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