Why Does My Toilet Always Smell Like Poop?

No one wants a stinky toilet, so most people try to keep it as clean and fresh as possible. However, sometimes, you might notice that your toilet never gets rid of the poopy smell, even though you regularly clean it and try to maintain the highest level of hygiene. So, why does your toilet continue to smell like poop?

One of the most common reasons for the smell of poop in the toilet is due to drain clogs and pipe obstacles. Also, the smell of poop can be a result of a full toilet septic tank or worn-out wax ring at the bottom of the toilet. You should consider the possibility of a dead animal in the septic tank as well, or a blockage in the sewer roof vent.

If you are desperate to get rid of the smell of poop in your bathroom, you have come to the right place. This article will explain the reasons and causes for the poopy smell in the toilet, as well as some simple solutions that will allow you to keep your bathroom fresh. Unpleasant odors in the toilet can be really uncomfortable, so this is your chance to put the situation under control.

What Causes The Smell Of Poop In Your Toilet?

You may clean and disinfect your toilet on a regular basis, but sometimes, you can still notice the smell of poop. This can be both unpleasant and annoying since you dedicate a significant amount of time to keeping the toilet fresh. However, there are several things that can cause the smell of poop in the toilet despite the regular cleaning.

If you notice this occurrence in your toilet, you should consider the following things as the main cause of this odor:

  1. Drain clogs and obstacles.
  2. Full septic tank.
  3. Worn-out wax ring.
  4. Dead animal in the septic tank.
  5. Blockage in the sewer roof vent.
clog in the drain pipe

Drain Clogs And Obstacles

Drain clogs and obstacles in the drain pipes are the most common reasons for the smell of poop in the toilet. When there is a clog in the drain, the water is prevented from flowing freely down the pipes. This causes water to get stuck with other solid materials, and when these solid materials start to decompose, you end up with a poopy smell in your toilet.

You can solve the problem with drain clogs by yourself, or you can call a professional plumber. If you flush different things in the toilet, you may already be aware of what has caused the drain clogs. You can try the following things to get rid of the clogs in the drain:

  • Liquid plumber – a cleaning product that aids in removing obstructions.
  • Sulfuric acid – a substance that resolves drain blockages.
  • Toilet snake or plunger – tools that allow you to get rid of clogs in the drain manually.

Full Septic Tank

If your septic tank is full, the draining will become slow, and the smell will start passing through the pipes. Nonetheless, it is not easy to determine when your septic tank is full because you probably do not have tools for this at your home. In cases like this, you do not have any other choice but to call a professional plumber.

A plumber can resolve this issue in a matter of minutes because they have the appropriate tools. Namely, they will just use a long hose that pumps out the septic tank, and your toilet will again be odor-free.

a worn-out wax ring

Worn-out Wax Ring

The wax ring at the foot of the toilet gets worn out as time passes. Usually, the wax ring slides to one side, leaving room for the smell to pass and spread in your bathroom. This way the ring starts to deteriorate as well, meaning that you should consider a replacement.

If you have plumbing tools, you may be able to lift the toilet and replace the wax ring. Otherwise, you will definitely need a professional plumber for the replacement.

Dead Animal In The Septic Tank

It is logical to believe that the smell of poop in your toilet is caused by a blockage in the drains. However, sometimes, there can be a dead animal in the septic tank that produces an unpleasant odor. In addition, you should also make sure to check other places around the bathroom where a dead corpse of an animal can be found, such as the cabinets and corners.

Blockage In The Sewer Roof Vent

There are many things that can get stuck in the sewer roof vent, such as fallen leaves and frost. When this happens, the smell starts to develop leaving you poopy odor in the toilet. However, it is quite easy to determine if this is the cause of the smell.

Namely, you will hear a gurgling sound from the drains, and the water will flow slowly. If this happens, you should check your roof, clean it, and then see if the drain begins working normally.

How To Keep Your Toilet Fresh?

In order to stay away from unpleasant odors, there are steps you can take to make sure that you are keeping everything fresh in the bathroom.

  • Clean your bathroom more often.
  • Increase ventilation in the bathroom by installing a vent fan, or open the window regularly.
  • Use air fresheners and scented candles.
  • Set up essential oils and odor eliminators in the toilet.
  • Use bamboo charcoal that absorbs odors.
  • Include bleach in your cleaning process to increase the level of disinfection.

Frequently Asked Questions

a grouted in shower drain cover

Can The Smell Of Poop Come From The Shower Drain?

It is possible that the poopy smell in your bathroom comes from the shower drain rather than the toilet. This is usually because the drain is blocked, so you will need to use some baking soda, or bleach in order to unblock the shower drain and get rid of the smell.

Can You Put Bleach Down A Smelly Toilet Drain?

A mixture of bleach and water is ideal for unblocking drains. However, you have to make sure not to mix bleach with other cleaning products since this can produce toxins that are later released into the air.

cleaning the toilet

How Often Should You Clean Your Toilet?

It is recommended that you clean your toilet once a week. This is the safest way to stay away from bacteria and viruses that are spread through toilet seats.

Final Thoughts

Next time you sense the smell of poop in your toilet, make sure that you check whether everything is okay with the drains and the sewer system. If you react immediately, you will avoid greater damage in your bathroom. Hopefully, our article has helped you learn the ways in which you can maintain your toilet in the right way. 

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