Why Don’t Guys Flush the Toilet?

Most guys don’t flush the toilet because, in the back of their minds, they believe that someone else will sort it out for them. You’ll meet these kinds of people every day, who don’t just care and leave their responsibilities to others. Generally, it’s like treating the rest of humankind as servants. They don’t want to spend time flushing the toilet, which is something really disgusting!

Psychology Behind the Pee and Run Situation

So, what goes on the mind of a guy who gets into a clean toilet in their place of work and then goes on a rampage, not thinking about the people they interact with 5 days every week? Alright, let us break it down for you. Sometimes, people aren’t even aware of what they are doing. They are so worried about not coming into contact with the toilet unit, yet they don’t realize that they are contributing to the restroom problems that every other workmate may complain about.

What About the Amount of Water Saved by Leaving the Toilet Unflushed?

Are you afraid of contracting germs from the toilet seat or flush handle? Now let us focus on the environmental factor. It’s obvious that when flushing a toilet, water flows down to the sewer line. But how much water gets flushed anyway?

If you thought about how many trips you make to the toilet every day, then it would be easy to track the amount of water you use daily. However, experts claim that an average healthy adult pees 6 to 7 times daily.

Since 1994, as per EPA guidelines, no toilet in the United States is allowed to consume over 1.6 gallons per flush. This implies that pulling that handle every time you pee ends up consuming 9.6 gallons of water per day. That sums to approximately 3,504 gallons of water annually.

Now let’s imagine you flush your toilet after every 3 trips of peeing. Checking on our calculator, you’ll have literally saved 6.4 gallons daily and 2,336 gallons annually.

The Issue of Saving Money

Some people think water isn’t free, and saving money from every flush is like putting money into their bank. It’s technically true, but it really is just a temporary blip on your annual budget. As per the United States Department dealing with energy, the typical cost for a single flush is approximately 1.3 cents (the cost may range depending on your location).

Using our initial mathematics, flushing your toilet after completing 3 trips to the toilet might save you $18.98 annually. That’s approximately a 2-year subscription to Netflix. And regardless of whether your bill for water is double the average cost, you still find yourself saving roughly $38 annually.

Reasons Why Guys Should Flush the Toilet

Please, don’t be in the “let it mellow” group. Of course, it can save you a lot of water and cash, but please, flush the toilet.

Here are some reasons why guys must flush the toilet.

1. Flushing the Toilet Shows That You’re Respectful

It’s no secret that water is our most precious resource. We feel the need to conserve water. If you reside with people who disapprove of your decisions, the money and water you’ll save possibly aren’t worth the stress and unhappiness it causes others.

Plus, if somebody in your house is disgusted by your non-flushing habit, they’ll pull the lever despite your ground rules. You might not be sure what the others in your home think, but try to find out by asking around!

If you don’t always flush your toilet (or at least that’s how you feel), you might want to save up to live alone or get a better bathroom. But if you always live alone, you may carry on with your yellow-mellowing desire.

2. No One Wants A Smelling Bathroom

Does your toilet bowl smell like urine or rotting cookies when you go to the bathroom? Failure to flush your toilet will undoubtedly bring a lot of discomfort in your bathroom. Moreover, some people are dehydrated or have other medical problems that make their urine smell potent. The asparagus you had during lunchbreak will make your bathroom smell like sulfur.

Even if the smell doesn’t matter to you, note that some other people may be sensitive to certain scents, which could affect them differently. For instance, some might feel comfortable with the scent produced by the honeysuckle, while others may want to vomit upon smelling it.

3. Your Toilet Bowl May Gunk Up at A Faster Rate

The hard water and urine deposits can cause hardened mineral deposits to form around your bowl with time. These deposits may develop faster when you let pee sit around. Unfortunately, if you leave toilet rings on your bowl for a long time, they can be tough to wash out without harsh cleaners. Moreover, harsh cleaners may damage the environment with more than a few extra flushes. Plus, it might be more expensive to hire someone to clean out the mess after your attempt to save water or money.


Do germs spread everywhere after I flush my toilet?

Thousands of tiny aerosol particles are released by flushing the toilet, some of which may contain viruses and bacteria. If they get splashed out of the bowl , they can contaminate surfaces to approximately 6 feet from your toilet.

Is it perfectly normal not to flush your toilet after peeing?

If you live alone and it’s OK with you, you may skip flushing after only peeing. You save lots of water by not flushing after you pee. But don’t leave the pee in your bowl for more than a day.

How many times should you flush your toilet every day?

The average person uses the toilet five times a day. Old toilets use 7 gallons per flush, whereas modern toilets use less than 1.6 gallons per flush. So, investing in a modern, water-saving toilet will help your conserve water regardless of how many times you flush it each day.

Final Thoughts

Most guys don’t flush the toilet because they fear that they could contract germs upon touching the toilet handle. It is mostly seen in public toilets. However, this condition of fear seems to be associated with both men and women. Guys should refrain from living with social phobia and begin flushing the toilet once they finish their business. It’s hygienic!

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