Why My Luxe Bidet Toilet Seat Doesn’t Fit

As a tech-savvy homeowner, it’s always great to take the next step to bathroom remodeling by using a bidet. A Luxe bidet can help you experience a cleaner and healthy bathroom feeling. You’ll find two common types of toilets in most homes: a one-piece where the tank forms part of the bowl and a two-piece model where the tank is separate from the toilet bowl but attached with bolts. 

Additionally, you may have an elongated toilet bowl or a round toilet bowl. All these parameters determine the kind of bidet that will fit your current toilet. So, if you’re wondering why your Luxe bidet toilet seat doesn’t fit, wrong design or rough-in size could be some of the reasons. Read on to learn some other reasons why the luxe bidet toilet seat doesn’t fit your toilet. 

How Do You Attach a Luxe Bidet?

One common reason your bidet toilet seat doesn’t fit could be the wrong installation. Here is a quick video to help you correctly attach your Luxe Bidet toilet seat. If this doesn’t solve the issue, head over o our comprehensive guide on how to identify the problem and the best way to fix it.

Do Bidet Seats Fit All Toilets?

Most bidet toilet seats will fit a one-piece toilet. If you have a round or a long toilet, most bidet toilet seats will fit it. It is as simple as figuring out if your toilet is round or elongated. If you have a two-piece toilet, you will have limited options. But if you have a one-piece toilet, your bidet toilet may fit! 

Suppose you have a two-piece toilet, great news! Most standard bidet toilet seats fit perfectly. Simply remove the toilet seat and measure the hole in the side of the toilet to ensure it fits correctly. Also, please ensure that the area around the bolt holes that hold the toilet seat is level. You will need a ruler to measure the size of your toilet accurately. It will be best to disassemble the toilet seat completely and access the entire bowl.

How do I measure my toilet to determine if I have a Round or Elongated bowl?

Whether your toilet is a 1pc or 2pc, you will need to know what size and shape your toilet bowl is. Some toilets have a rounder seat, while others have a more elongated seat. 

Some modern toilets in the US are designed to fit a round bidet seat perfectly. However, because of the tight space between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl, you will need a special bidet seat designed for round bowl toilets. Measure the diameter of your toilet to determine its shape.

Round vs elongated toilet shape
Round vs elongated toilet shape

Some bidet seats like the Alpha XJ need a minimum of 1.5 clearance between the toilet seat bolt holes and the front of the toilet. However, many other bidet seats require a minimum of 1.75 clearance between the toilet seat bolt holes and the toilet tank. If you have two separate toilet seats, you should have a minimum of 5.5 inches of clearance between the bolt holes. If you have only one toilet seat, find the toilet seat that will fit the best.  

Generally, 5.5 inches is the standard depth between the two bolt holes on a round toilet. If your toilet bowl measures less than 18 long, look for a different toilet seat made by the same manufacturer. Elongated toilets are generally longer than 18 in total from the center of the bolt hole to the front of the toilet. But round toilet bowls have a shorter length, usually 16 to 17.

If the toilet is less than 19 inches long, you may have an overhanging toilet bowl. Some toilets have a round seat, but this is common with older toilets. While the bidet seat can fit, it will be awkward to use because the toilet seat will not fit properly. Elongated bidet seats are typically 20.8 inches long.

Another dimension to consider is the width of the bolt holes in the toilet seat. These measurements show exactly where the bolt holes should be if the seat is installed. What is the distance between the two bolt holes in the toilet? If your toilet has two large bolt holes, you will need to get a bidet seat that fits between the two bolt holes, but if you have a toilet that has only one large bolt hole, you will need a seat that fits between the two bolt holes.

How do You Measure Bowl Length and Width?

The bowl length is most important because it will help you decide whether you have a standard round or an elongated toilet bowl. It may not be obvious to the naked eye which shape of toilet bowl you have. If the toilet bowl is longer than 17 inches, you will have an elongated toilet. If the distance between the bowl and the seat is 17 inches or less, you should have a round toilet seat. Whichever the case, you need a bidet seat that is the same shape as the toilet itself.

European standard seats come in either a D shape, a pointed tip, or a round shape. They are usually longer than 17 inches, so you will need a matching toilet seat. As we said, width is not as important as length, but being doubly sure is good. This is the distance that separates the outside of the toilet bowl from the inside of the bowl. It should match that of the toilet seat that you have bought specially for that toilet. If it doesn’t, the bidet toilet seat you bought will also not match the same dimensions of the toilet.

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Can a Luxe bidet toilet seat fit on a non-standard toilet?

A luxe bidet toilet seat will not work in non-standard toilets such as French curve toilets. French curve toilets are ones with a raised arc around the outside of the bowl. For example, the Kohler Rialto K-3386 toilet, the Kohler San Raphael K-3466, and K-3467 toilets. We recommend that if you have a French curve toilet, one of the bidets that fit these toilet seats will be suitable. But generally speaking, if you have a French curve toilet, it will be difficult for you to install the toilet seat bidet. 

Does the Luxe bidet fit a round toilet?

You can install an elongated bidet toilet seat on a round toilet, but we don’t recommend it. The bidet will work just fine, but it will cause a gap between the toilet and the seat. The front section of the bidet seat will hang over the toilet bowl’s edge and create a gap. It is unsightly and not practical for some people to use such a toilet. Gaps in toilet seats are not only ugly but also unsanitary. Most bidets, including Luxe bidets, are designed to fit perfectly on top of most elongated toilet bowls.

Are bidets Universal?

Bidet toilet seats were designed with a universal design to fit as many toilets as possible. However, some manufacturers of toilet seats want unique toilet seats, which can cause problems.

How do you remove a luxe bidet?

Here are the steps to follow when removing a Luxe Bidet:

  • You may need to uninstall the attached plumbing for your toilet.
  • Switch off the water supply valve.
  • Flush the toilet and hold the lever down while you do that.
  • You will need to disconnect the water hose that goes to your toilet from the water supply line.
  • Remove the water supply valve from between the water supply line and the tank of your toilet.

Wrapping Up

There are several possible reasons why your Luxe bidet doesn’t fit perfectly in your toilet. You may have a longer or shorter toilet bowl, and the seat cannot fit, but you can find out why by determining the length of the toilet. You will need to remove the toilet seat completely to get accurate measurements.

You will need to know the distance from the center of the bolt holes to the back of the toilet bowl. If it is less than 1.75’’, then the toilet seat will not fit. It may be necessary to fit a different toilet seat. You will need a toilet seat that is slightly bigger or smaller than a Galaxy GB 5000 or a Brondell Swash 1000 toilet seat.

Also, measure the length of the toilet, which is the distance between the center of the toilet seat bolt holes and the tip of the toilet bowl at the front. If the toilet is much longer than 17 inches, you will need a longer seat and a bigger bidet to complete the toilet’s look. Otherwise, you will need something that fits round toilet seats as long as it is not longer than 17 inches.

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