Why Put a Cup Under Toilet Seat at Night?

You will be surprised how many people do this simple trick: they put a plastic cup under the toilet seat every night before bed. It’s a very simple and unusual trick that will make you conquer your most nightmares. Try this trick, and thank us later! But why put a cup under toilet seat at night?

Read on to understand this mystery!

Why Red Cup Under Toilet Seat?

Here are a few reasons why you might want to put a cup under your toilet seat at night:

1. For Hygiene

Using a cup can help you on the way to the toilet. People who use them more easily and comfortably avoid touch their body parts like faces before cleansing their hands. When you flush the toilet, germs float around.

2. Measurement For Urine Discharge

Patients who are diabetic or live with heart conditions may require to measure the number of times they urinate at night and during the day and how much urine they discharge. Therefore, putting a cup under your toilet seat might act as a reminder to count the number of times they urinate at night and the quantity of urine that comes out.

3. To Potty-Train Your Kid

Potty training your kid can be a nightmare! Placing a cup below the toilet seat prevents your child from aiming at the toilet seat while urinating.

This implies that your kid would require to put aside the cup before doing his business. Also, the cup would remind them that they must lift up the toilet seat before doing business.

4. Serve As a Warning Alarm

If you reside in Florida state, you might already have heard of this trick. Placing a plastic cup beneath your toilet seat can serve as an alarm to alert you when unwelcomed home guests like snakes and alligators find their way through the sewer line and crawl into your washroom. Perhaps, the critter would hit the cup, closing the lid with a loud bang.

5. To Warn Public Staff Cleaners

If you use a public washroom, you might put a cup under a toilet seat to alert the public staff cleaners that there is no tissue. In case of any breakages in the washroom, you may also leave a plastic cup under the toilet seat to make them know that the toilet needs maintenance.

6. It serves as An Awakening Alarm for Sleep Walking People

Do you have members of your family who sleepwalk at night? Some people place a cup under the toilet seat during the night to act as an awakening alarm for those who sleepwalk.

Although it may seem rare to sleep-poo or sleep-urinate, the trick will help these individuals to regain consciousness when they displace the cup unknowingly and awake them with a loud bang.

Are there Some Silly reasons?

Unsurprisingly yes! A few people claim it might be an excellent prank to temporarily prop up the toilet seat by placing tissue paper or a plastic cup under it because some members of your family may be frightened to the core when the toilet seat collapses.


Should we put our toilet seats down or up?

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t put your toilet seat down or up along with the toilet lid. It’s not only a good habit to have, but it prevents germs from getting trapped while you flush.

Are there any good reasons to use toilet seat covers?

Yes, but probably not the health issues you’re worried about. There’s no research that shows that installing toilet seat covers on toilet seats will prevent illness or disease transmission.

Wrapping up

When people visit the washroom to answer long calls, they tend to go straight to complete the business without confirming if the tissue paper is depleted or not or if there are other issues with their commode. Putting a cup under your toilet seat will help remove such worries.

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