Things to Put on Top of the Toilet Tank

Just like your room and other parts of your home, your bathroom ought to be decorated beautifully to create a calming and opulent atmosphere each time you or your visitors use it. The top of the toilet tank is one area that you may decorate if you’re seeking bathroom decorating ideas, but what to put on top of it? Here’s a list of things to put on top of the toilet tank:

  1. Storage Container
  2. Artificial Flowers
  3. Vase
  4. Candles
  5. Wicker Basket
  6. Wooden Tray
  7. Succulent
  8. Showpiece
  9. Diffuser
  10. Book
  11. Pebbles

While it is not possible to place a lot of large items on top of a toilet tank, it is a good idea to select smaller items that would serve as the centerpiece and a display.

Allow me to walk you through the accessories I have for you to exquisitely decorate the top of your tank and wow onlookers.

#1 Storage Container

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The first and best suggestion out of all is a storage container. You can combine decorations to put them together in the storage container. And don’t even ask me to describe how magnificent it will appear. Instead, try and see it for yourself.

It’s ideal for storing extra toilet paper, flowers, candles, diffusers, and other small items.

While you will have all of your basic necessities in one spot and handy to you, it will also provide an aesthetic vibe. How perfect would that be?

#2 Artificial Flowers

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Just picture in your head how stunning a bouquet of artificial flowers would look, and how they would add a splash of color to the entire bathroom. You should definitely consider mounting it on top of your toilet tank straight away. 

The whole ensemble will look incredibly gorgeous, even if you pair these flowers with another item.

You may also add plant pots instead of flowers — A little greenery won’t hurt your bathroom decor.

#3 Vase

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Let’s also talk about how a vase is essentially the last thing needed to finish off the look of your utterly beautiful bathroom while you’re planning on purchasing artificial flowers for it.

The nice part is that no matter what color scheme your bathroom has, a white vase will look great on your toilet tank top.

Accompany it with wallpaper in the background of your toilet to put a cherry on the cake.

#4 Candles

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You may add a decorative touch to your toilet tank by placing candles on top of it. Candles will also add a pleasant aroma to your bathroom, making it a pleasant place to take a bath or simply unwind. And you already would know how calming the effects of candles are.

Another idea is to simply finish the look by embellishing the candles with cute little rocks.

While scented candles are a wonderful option, flameless LED candles can also be used for safety and ambiance if you are uncomfortable with open flames.

#5 Wicker Basket

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I can’t emphasize enough how astounding wicker baskets look. These wood-themed baskets are my ultimate favorite, and I believe that if you don’t have anything else to place on top of your toilet tank, you should definitely place a wicker basket there.

A wicker basket is a great place to store a variety of items, including those that you want to have close at hand in case you need them.

As noted above, you can arrange both little and large objects like candles or flowers.

Whatever you put within it will guarantee that it will hang on to items, organize your space, and offer your bathroom a really fashionable and contemporary appearance.

#6 Wooden Tray

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Another alternative to storage containers or wicker baskets is a wooden tray, which in my opinion is the classiest of all. It is an exposed tray that will display anything you place inside of it and make everything appear lovely.

Make sure everything you put on your small wooden tray is arranged in a pleasing manner.

Here are some suggestions for you to place in it: a showpiece, a candle, a scent diffuser, a succulent, or even a book to read!

#7 Succulent

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A succulent on top of your toilet tank will be the finest choice if you appreciate the beauty of nature!

The succulent will offer your bathroom a stunning greenery appearance and foster a peaceful, revitalizing mood.

If using succulents is not an option for you, artificial plants can nonetheless create the same effect in your bathroom.

#8 Showpiece 

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A showpiece is something that will really stick out and alter the appearance of your bathroom, even if you solely place it on the entire top of your toilet tank.

The best part about displaying a showcase is that it doesn’t need to be particularly extravagant or ornate. It can be quite modest while still being the nicest element of your entire bathroom.

To create a seamless effect and the perfect ambiance, match the color of your showpiece to the bathroom’s motif.

#9 Diffuser


Who wouldn’t desire an enticing aroma in their bathrooms? Try setting a scented diffuser on top of your toilet tank and see your desire come true. Maintain a diffuser with a mild aroma that will go perfectly in your bathroom, and it will also serve as decor for your toilet tank!

And to fit in, you can prop them up with a fake plant or a toilet paper roll.

Diffusers are also good for a small bathroom, as the subtle fragrance will make every corner smell delightful.

#10 Book 

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It’s conceivable if you haven’t ever heard of or seen somebody stack books on top of toilet tanks. But there’s no denying that it’s a superb and unique thought. Hence, why not set a precedent by being the first to put books in your bathroom and inspiring others to do the same.

What a great way to express your interests, plus you can obviously read a book while taking a soothing long bath on a Sunday.

If you believe a real book would be ruined by the humid environment in your bathroom, you can even try to place a fake book made of cardboard and set things up.

#11 Pebbles

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Pebbles are perfect for adding an extra bit of zing to your bathroom decor. 

Not only do they add a touch of whimsy, but they can also be used as a placeholder for other decorations when you’re not ready to apply them yet.


Why maintain a dull bathroom, especially now that there are so many ways to glam it up, is something worth considering.

Choose the decoration idea that you think would work best for you and your decorating style, decorate the top of your toilet tank with greenery additional storage, or an organizer, and then hear your friends and family compliment your bathroom decor each time they come to visit your home and use your bathroom!

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