Are Moen and Delta Shower Valves Interchangeable?

You need the correct shower valve to enhance your showering experience. The valve is what controls the water temperature and flow in your shower. It’s a convenient tool that allows you to upgrade your shower fixtures without meddling with your plumbing system. Delta and Moen are the market leaders when it comes to shower valves. But are Moen and Delta shower valves interchangeable?

While both brands offer high-quality shower fixtures for high-end clientele, their products are not always interchangeable. This guide discusses everything you need to know about Moen and Delta shower valves and whether or not they are interchangeable. It also highlights some key similarities and differences between the two brands to help you pick the perfect product for your needs.

Why Do Shower Valves Matter?

Let’s talk briefly here about how important valves are. Every shower has a valve that must work properly to give you a more relaxing shower experience. You want to have showers that are warm and have consistent water flow. If you’ve been having problems with your water flow or your water temperature, it might be time to upgrade your valves. When you spend a few hundred dollars on a new set of valves, the performance will last for many years. It is therefore very necessary that you choose the right one.

How Do Shower Valves Work?

Valves for your hot and cold water are attached to a conduit that runs behind your bathroom wall. The cartridge that controls the water flow balances the hot and cold water supply, allowing you to control the temperature through a thermostatic valve. This allows you to easily control the flow of hot and cold water by turning the faucet handles. If you buy a quality valve, you can set the exact temperature you want to set every time you shower.

There are several reasons why you should buy a good quality shower valve. First, some valves can change the water temperature. Secondly, you can choose to have a water jet or a rain shower. Some valves can even cause water to flow in a wave-shaped way, while others can cause it to flow like rain. Quality shower valves can make your shower much more pleasant. 

Are Moen and Delta Shower Valves Interchangeable?

You might assume that Moen and Delta shower valves are interchangeably made, but they are not. There are many differences between these two brands of shower valves.

Delta vs. Moen Shower Valves 

Here are the key differences between these popular shower valves:

1. Different Designs

First, the two products have very distinct designs. If a Delta shower valve is used in a Moen shower, the water pressure may be too high or too low, and the shower cannot operate as it should. It’s very important that you purchase the correct type of shower valve for your shower to have a relaxing and peaceful experience.

2. Different Mechanisms

Moen shower valves and Delta shower valves use differing mechanisms. Delta uses a cartridge shower valve system, and Moen uses a ball valve system. Because these two types of shower valves are very different, it’s impossible to swap them without affecting the valve or plumbing operation.

If you plan to install a new shower valve for your Delta or Moen model, buying the right type of valve is very helpful. That way, if you have any problems later, you won’t have to spend much money making costly alterations.

3. Different Dimensions

It is not possible to interchange shower valves made by Delta or Moen because of the different dimensions of their housings. Two distinct features separate the different shower valves: their handles are different. Delta’s knob will always be on the top, while Moen’s knob will always be in the corner of the shower.

And there are differences in how they attach to the hose and how they are placed. Their location inside the tubs and how they install the water controls are also different. Depending on the type of valve you are installing, the Delta valve should be positioned on the left side of the bathtub while a Moen one will need to be positioned on the right side.

4. Types of Fittings

It is impossible to interchange valves manufactured by Delta or Moen because different types of fittings are used for different applications. If it is made for 3/8′′ pipe threading, it will work great with all other threaded fittings. Moen plumbing fixtures are more commonly used in areas where 1/2′′ compression fittings are used but can be used with both threads. 

Distinctive Features of The Delta Shower Valve

Delta is leading the way in high-technology products. People love this brand because it is high-tech and affordability. Delta valves are designed to be strong and durable. They are available in brass and metal and also in plastic. Their popular product is the Delta shower valve that connects to any of their three types of water supply valves. 

Delta valves are easy to install and secure with a strong bracket. They are lightweight, so they don’t cause your bathroom to rock back and forth. Some valves even include a heat-resisting cap that allows you to test the water temperature and pressure before you install it. There are three different types of connections that you can use for your Delta Valves: IPS, PEX, and Universal. This valve will fit in any kind of plumbing.

Delta shower valve
Delta shower valve

Three Cartridge Options

It’s important to note that Delta offers three unique cartridge options. 

  • Single-function Valve: Control the shower temperature by using a single-function valve that controls hot and cold water temperatures. It regulates the flow of both hot and cold water to ensure that the right temperature is maintained every time you turn on your shower or in your tub.
  • Dual-function valve: The dual-functional valve cartridge balances the pressure and adjusts the temperature and the water volume. It is one of the most advanced cartridges on the market. Control both the temperature and water volume with a single cartridge. You will get the same temperature when changing the cartridge’s volume.
  • Dual-function thermostatic valve: The latest cartridge option for more precise temperature control is the dual-functional thermostatic valve cartridge. This high-tech cartridge measures your water temperature and adjusts the cold and hot water outputs to achieve the desired temperature. You will get the same temperature water from your shower head, and you will be able to adjust the volume of the water with this cartridge.

Distinctive Features of The Moen Shower Valve

Moen shower valves are more expensive, but they’re still a customer favorite. This brand uses mostly brass and zinc materials, which are strong and resistant to rust. It will cost you more to install the valve, but you will be happy with the quality of the product. Moen valves are also made to last longer than most other brands. They are resistant to rust and corrosion. If you want a strong and durable valve, the Moen valve is the best choice.

Moen valves are similar to valves from other manufacturers because they let you change the type of shower that you have by just turning the handle on the existing plumbing. It is easy to install, and it provides strong water pressure.

Moen Shower Valve
Moen Shower Valve

Delta vs. Moen Side-By-Side Comparison

Let’s now look at the different features of Delta and Moen shower valves by comparing them side by side.

1. Price Comparison

Delta is a great cheap shower valve option. The Delta can be bought for an affordable price of only $62, which is great considering how long this valve will last. Moen is more expensive, and most of their valves are around $90 or higher. There are a few products that you can get for under $60, but most of them cost more than $90. They are generally more expensive, but the better quality materials that they use mean that they will last a lot longer. If money isn’t an issue, it’s wise to go for a product that will last a long time.

2. Material Comparison

Moen valve handles use very little plastic than is used in Delta models. But plastic does not mean that the valves are low quality; it just means that they are made of something that will not last very long. Having good-quality seals tells you a lot about the valve quality you are buying and how long the valve will last. Moen valve components are made from solid brass, which is strong and durable.

3. Durability Comparison

We have already given you a hint. Moen products are more durable than Delta products. Shower valves made by Delta are sturdy and last a very long time. If your family is on a budget, you will be satisfied with how long your Delta valve will last.

4. Installation Comparison

Both companies tout that their valves are easy to put in, but Delta valves win in this category. Because of their smaller and lighter design, Delta valves are easier to install than the other brands. Even a non-plumber can use this valve. But if it’s not properly installed, the water will leak. Mechanical valves are more complex. If you are not experienced, you may need to have a plumber help you install them. If it isn’t installed correctly, it will start to wobble. 

5. Water Conservation Comparison

If your goal is to cut down on your water usage, there is some good news for you: both types of water control valves have a lot to offer. Delta hose valves were recently awarded the EPA’s WaterSense Excellence Award. Moen offers a shower head that can save you 20-30% of water. With all the water you save, you will help the planet and save money on water bills.

6. Warranty Comparison

It’s important for your valve to last a long time, and you want it to come with a great warranty. Moen and Delta valves come with good warranties, and both companies offer a wide selection of replacement parts. Buying the product that will last the longest may seem like an obvious choice, but if you want to stay within a budget, you can rest easy knowing that the Delta valve has an impressive warranty.

7. Function Comparison

Both products get great reviews. However, some people say that the Delta valve minimizes their water pressure. Moen makes great water pressure valves that are similar to Delta valves. However, they offer more advanced functions, such as the Spot Guard, which helps you keep your shower clean.

Delta also has more options, like a wider selection of cartridges and other accessories. Delta offers a large selection of cartridge options, making it easy to change the water flow by adjusting the settings to create the perfect amount of water. Both shower valves create a completely new experience for showering. 

Delta adjusts the flow of your water to create waves-like effects, which is similar to how water behaves in a big ocean. The full-coverage features of the Delta valve are very popular; consumers love its features. A specialized shower valve can create a rainfall experience that many homeowners find very relaxing.


Are delta shower valves universal?

The Delta rain shower valve size is not typical for all showers; there is no “standard” size for any of the valves. It is possible to find great value when you buy Delta shower valves, but it may be hard for you to choose the right one. Your valve may be round or square, and knowing this will enable you to narrow down your search significantly.

Are Delta and Moen shower cartridges interchangeable?

It is possible to find great value when you buy Delta or Moen shower valves, but the cartridges are not interchangeable.

Is Moen better quality than Delta?

Delta & Moen are reputable brands that have been around since the beginning of the 20th century. It’s hard to say which brand is better because they look so similar. However, I would suggest going with the company that has your style of tap set up the way you like it.

Do plumbers prefer Delta or Moen Shower Valves?

When the system is not operating properly, Moen valves perform much better than Delta valves, mainly because the Moen valves are made of better material. Moen valve parts are stronger than Delta ones, and they resist corrosion. Hard water does not affect them because of the nickel-brushed surfaces Moen valve parts have.

However, replacement parts for Delta valves are more readily available and are better than those offered by Moen. Moreover, Delta trim kit parts are interchangeably compatible with other Delta trim kits, but motor parts are not interchangeably compatible with different valve models.

Moen valve assemblies are more difficult to repair due to the rough valve fittings. Its Posi Temp control valve is also more challenging to repair than other Moen valves. Posi Temp is able to control water volume and last for a longer time before it needs to be replaced or repaired.

Besides the above specifics, both shower valves are reliable and factory certified, so both are equally good when it comes to efficiency. Delta provides a lot of different types of valves, which are very useful and versatile, but Moen valves are strong and durable. Both brands of valves from Delta and Moen have a one-year limited warranty. 

It’s not clear why plumbers would want to purchase one over the other, as both brands have good things to offer. So it really is up to each individual to decide which brand is best for their needs. 

Wrapping Up

Delta, Moen, and other top-quality brands provide the best solution for your shower faucet needs. Delta shower valves provide you with the look, technology, durability, and a great shower experience. Moen is one of the leading shower hardware manufacturers, and Delta is also a very well-known brand. Moen and Delta offer various shower valves with similar features, but they are not interchangeably designed or constructed. You can’t swap a valve for a different type of valve.

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