Can a Modular Home be Remodeled?

Have you ever wondered if remodeling a modular home is possible? Are you looking to change your current modular home? Or considering to buy and renewing one? Regardless of why you want to remodel your home, it should be a fun experience.

You can remodel any modular home as long as you comply with local permits and regulations. You can remodel a modular home much as you want to, subject to keeping the structural integrity of the building. Consult a builder, and remember to mention that it is a modular home.

Remodeling brings new life into your home. It’s fun and exciting. You can alter your living space to your heart’s desire and put your stamp on the feel of the house. Let’s explore what you can remodel and what you need to consider for your modular home remodeling. 

What Can You Remodel in Your Modular Home?

Whether you want to change the interior decor, specific rooms, or even the entire floorplan of your modular home, you can do it just like with any traditional stick-built home

Structural Remodels in your Modular Home

The most extensive and costly remodeling will be amending your modular home’s structure. Structural remodeling includes moving, removing, adding, or changing the load-bearing elements of your home. 

You can do any structural remodeling in your modular home. You must ensure that you consult a reputable builder and that all structural remodelings are within local and state building codes and requirements. 

Some of the structural remodeling that you can do include:

  • Adding walls to split a room in two,
  • Moving walls around to change the size of different rooms.
  • Adding or removing rooms.
  • Adding a second floor.

The only condition is that you need to consider the structural support and layout of the modular home. The foundation might not be as forgiving to changes as the rest of your home. So it will be easier (and more affordable) to make all structural amendments within the foundation’s dimensions and design.

Changing Insulation and Fittings in a Modular Home

A great way of refreshing your modular home is by improving the ‘climate’ in your home (insulation) and the finishing touches in the rooms (fittings).

Insulation and fittings will significantly impact your living experience and aren’t significant construction-type changes. Adding (or improving) insulation ensures a more temperature-controlled living space. Renewing the fittings will bring a “new home” feel, providing a well-rounded, clean-cut look.

Another great way of improving your living experience is by adding energy-efficient appliances. Decrease your ongoing electricity/utility costs with energy-efficient appliances, as they use less electricity, gas, and or water. 

The Easiest Changes in your Modular Home: Cosmetic Remodels

Providing a sense of ‘new’ in your home doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Cosmetic remodeling is the cheapest and easiest change you can make. They don’t require structural amendments and, for the most part, don’t require a substantial amount of time. 

You can perform any cosmetic remodeling on modular homes. Cosmetic changes include changing the colors on your walls, furniture, doors, frames, etc. The process is precisely the same as with traditional stick-built homes. 

Here are a few cosmetic changes you can make to your modular home:

  • Painting walls (inside and outside) and changing your walls’ color and texture.
  • Changing or replacing furniture with a fresh coat of paint or buying new ones. 
  • Incorporating decor pieces such as pillows, blankets, carpets, etc.
  • Rearranging the furniture in your house to allow more walking space or splitting spaces into different segments.
  • Etc.

What you Must Consider When Remodelling your Modular Home

We’ve looked at structural and cosmetic changes. Both of which can revive your home when you get the sense that it needs a change. But what are some other factors that you need to take into account?

Factors to Consider when Remodeling your Modular Home: 

– Applicable Building laws: All modular homes must comply with local and state building laws. To ensure compliance, your builder must submit the modular home’s construction plans to the local regulatory authority. 

– Remodeling Costs: Remodeling costs can be pretty expensive, depending on the scope. Structural changes are more costly than cosmetic changes, which you should carefully consider before starting the project.

– Property Size: Consider the property-to-building ratio, especially when expanding the building size. Your area might have yard-to-building requirements, which could prohibit you from your planned changes. Your local building regulatory office should be able to assist with queries.

– Height Restrictions: If you are considering building upwards (like introducing a second (or third) floor), you must consider air regulations and height limitations.

– The Foundation’s Structure and Strength: Structural changes might introduce an added load to your home, which the foundation would need to carry. Consult your building plans with your builder to determine if the foundation is adequate for your planned modular home remodeling. 

– Access to The Property: This shouldn’t be an issue, especially if the building of the existing modular home were successful. But, if there have been many landscaping changes (i.e., large trees around the house), builders might struggle to access your property with the required equipment.

Remodeling vs. Renovating a Modular Home

Essentially, both are the same thing. That is changing a home’s current status quo into something new. But for clarity, let’s quickly look at the difference between remodeling and renovating.

Remodeling is the act of changing the design, structure, and cosmetics of a home. It’s taking the current home and performing intentional changes.

Renovating refers to restoring a home or building, for instance, taking a dilapidated house and fixing it up into a newer and cleaner home. Or, it can also be refurbishing a home to its original quality.

In conclusion

Modular homes are a cost-effective option for building homes that many households worldwide have elected. There comes a time with most homes that they might need to be updated, repaired, or changed completely. The question then arises if you can remodel a modular home. 

Modular homes can be remodeled, just like any stick-built home. You can perform structural and cosmetic changes, subject to the foundation’s ability to carry the load and compliance with all building codes.

Nonetheless, it is still an exciting time to update an older home and to put your design influences into your household. It would be best to consider certain factors (i.e., access to the property and applicable height restrictions) before embarking on a modular home remodel. 

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