Can You Wear an Apple Watch in the Shower?

Over the past few years, Apple watches have become quite popular. Due to appealing features (exercise tracking, notifications, message, and call alerts), people usually wear them throughout the day. In short, Apple Watch has become their routine gadget. However, some people are curious about knowing can an apple watch be worn during a shower.

As per Apple, the Watch Series 1 is just splash resistant, so it cannot be worn during swimming or showering.  Starting from Watch Series 2 all watch products are water-resistant and can be worn during the shower. However, you need to keep them away from soaps, shampoos, and lotion when taking a shower.

Further, in this article, I will cover some more questions that people ask about using apple watches in water, and explain one major confusion people have about the waterproofing of products.

The Difference between Water Resistant and Water Proof

Apple watches may be water resistant but they are not waterproof. You may say both these terms are the same. However, that’s not the case. Water resistance and waterproofing mean different.

Most of the devices in the market, like the smartwatch, are labeled as water-resistant or given an IP rating. The term water resistant indicates that if the object is submerged under water for a short duration, then it would not affect it. However, as the duration prolongs, there is no guarantee, it will stay the same.

On the other hand, waterproofing means the device is capable to resist water no matter the amount of time it stays in the water. Only bathroom fixtures and accessories are waterproof. Electrical gadgets like Apple Watch can be water resistant, which means they can resist water for some time. However, they can’t be completely waterproof.

 close up on Apple Watch with pink sports band underwater in the swimming pool with sports app on the display

Can I shower With Apple Watch?

The question of whether you can shower with an apple watch depends on the watch series you are using because the water-resistant rating varies along the series.

For instance, the 1st generation Apple watch i.e. Apple Watch Series 1 is splash resistant. It can withstand one or two splashes of water. However, you cannot submerge it completely in water. So, it’s not recommended for swimming or showering.

The latest Apple Smart Watches, Series 5 and 6, come with ISO water resistance rating 22810: 2010. They are designed such that they can stay underwater to a depth of 50 meters / 164 feet. Despite that, Apple doesn’t recommend you leave the watch underwater for a larger period of time. It is water resistant but not waterproof.

Another factor you need to take into account when showering with an apple watch is its band material. The silicone bands are water resistant and are not damaged by water at all. However, metallic, leather, and nylon are not suitable for watery conditions. Leather is most vulnerable to water.

Do I need to Activate Anything Before Taking Apple Watch to Shower?

Yes, Apple does give you an in-built feature that can be turned on when taking a bath. Apple Watch Series 2 and onwards, come with a feature called Water Lock.

When you activate this mode, the watch’s screen gets locked. It no more records accidental taps or swipes on the screen. In most cases, the feature is activated as soon as the watch senses water. However, to trigger it manually, follow these steps.

  1. Swipe from the bottom of your smart watch’s display; this opens the Command center.
  2. Swipe with your fingers or use the Digital crown/Home Button till you see a water drop icon.
  3. Tap it, the water lock gets triggered.

After you have done bathing, you can deactivate this digital crown. You will hear the smartwatch beep a few times. As a result, some water droplets will clear and the screen will be functional again.

How to Clean Apple Watch After It Gets Wet?

After swimming or taking, it is obvious that the watch will get wet. The best way to clean it using a microfiber cloth. You don’t need any kind of compressed air sprayers or heat. 

Moreover, if you suspect that water might have gone in inside and the speaker’s sound is distorted. Again, neither shake the watch to get rid of water nor insert anything into it. Charge it, the heat will automatically evaporate the water inside. 

Precautions When Showering with Apple Watch

Apple Watch’s water repellence is not for life. It degrades over a period of time. Once it gets unsealed, you can’t make it waterproof again. Here are some useful precautions to follow when showering with your Apple Watch.

  • Don’t expose the watch to your soaps, lotions, and all sorts of chemicals.
  • Don’t expose it to highly pressurized water.
  • Avoid wearing it in a steam shower room.
  • Avoid contact with perfumes, sunscreen, or detergents.
  • Shower with care since the watch can’t be hard impacts.

Since Apple Watch performs a variety of purposes, you need to be sure that it is set up correctly. The sensors in your watch won’t be able to project accurate data or get an accurate heart rate reading if the band is too loose. However, if it is excessively snug, it might lead to circulation problems and inaccurate results. Fit is essential, therefore check the sizing carefully.

Can I wear My Apple Watch all Day?

Apple’s smartwatches are versatile and are used for a wide variety of tasks, such as receiving alerts, reading messages, monitoring your heart rate, and tracking your fitness. Therefore, one may reasonably wonder if it is an issue to wear it continuously during the day.

No, mostly there is no issue in doing so. You may safely wear your Apple Watch around the clock without risking any negative health effects. However, you will obviously take it off for the charge. This will give your wrist a bit of rest.

Which Apple Watch is vulnerable to Water?

The Watch Series 1 is most vulnerable to water because it is only splash resistant, it cannot handle volumes of water flowing over it.  However, the next generations (Series 2 onwards) are extremely water resistant and can be used even during swimming.

Final Thoughts

Apple Watch is one of the common wearables used today. The modern series of Apple Watch is water and dust-resistant, so it can be worn during a shower. However, make sure to avoid the use of soap and chemical products on the watch. After you leave the shower, clean the watch with a microfiber (lint-free) cloth.

If you have any further questions regarding the use of an Apple watch in the shower, let us know in the comments section below.

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