Dulcolax Not Working? Here is What to Do

Are you constipated and taken Dulcolax, but it’s not working? We understand very well how it feels. But don’t panic! Constipation may be caused by not drinking adequate water, a poor diet, or not visiting the bathroom when you need to. Being constipated can also happen during pregnancy, especially when you don’t exercise well.

Alright, let us leave that aside and dive straight into the solution. So, what should you do if Dulcolax is not working on your constipation? Read our tips below to find out!

5 Alternatives If Dulcolax Is Not Working

1. Accept that it’s going to cause you cramps

If you take Dulcolax, you aren’t going to have a mystical unicorn that turns your poo into a beautiful thing. Dulcolax is a laxative, so if you take it, your bowels will contract involuntarily. It is not pleasant for anyone to experience things like that. A warning on the box suggests that taking it may make you feel faint; it simply means that your bowels will start to contract.

Be sincere about what you can tolerate in terms of pain/fear. Perhaps you would benefit more from trying something like Senakot or other more fibrous methods. Or maybe you should have tried eating bottled red kidney beans. However, it’s already too late since you’ve already taken Dulcolax. Just try to be calm as it’s only temporary.

2. Please don’t go too far from your toilet

If you go to a show, there is always a chance that the curtain will be raised and that the show will go on as planned. You will be lucky if your home has an alternative toilet if the other is occupied. Although the product label says that it will work for you in 6-12 hours, it will actually take you less than that. We recommend not scheduling any events or tours out of your house for about 12-14 hours after taking Dulcolax.

4. Always have a practical toolkit on hand

It’s beneficial to have a toolkit on hand in case of an emergency! Your toolkit should entail:

  1. A thick warm towel: If you start to feel faint or if you are about to vomit, have a nice warm towel lying on the floor to hold you as you kneel well. Find a pose that makes you feel good when it gets really bad. Kneeling with your head raised in the air is a good idea.
  2. A blanket: Make a couple of head shakes. You may end up taking a nap on your bathroom floor or on the towel.
  3. A lively toy: You will want to do something to distract you from what’s going on with your body. Of course, it might be challenging to pay attention to reading a book. Therefore, we would recommend doing something that requires you to move around—for instance, using your smartphone or playing a game on a portable device.
  4. A sports drink or a bottle full of water: You will lose a lot of water, which is very dangerous. Dulcolax will cause you to feel very sick. You may not be able to drink it comfortably, so just sip the water or sports drink as you can.
  5. Lastly, don’t eat food within an hour after Dulcolax medication- If you do that, things might be really awful having your bowels empty. But be calm, and all shall return to normal with time.
Dulcolax Not Working. What Should You Do?

How To Take Dulcolax Medication Correctly

If you have a medical condition that requires you to take Dulcolax daily, ask your doctor about the correct directions for taking this medication. If you are taking this medication to treat yourself, follow the directions on the medication label. If you do not understand what is being prescribed, it’s wise to ask your pharmacist or doctor.

Swallow your medicine whole (including the coated portion) and do not chew or break the tablet. Doing this can cause you to feel sick or may cause you to have stomach trouble. Do not take Dulcolax within 1 hour of drinking antacids or other milk products. Dosage relies on your medical condition and your response to treatment. If you are taking other medications, you may need to reduce your dose.

Avoid taking an overdose. Don’t take Dulcolax for over seven days. But you can only if ordered to do so by your doctor. Serious side effects might follow if you overuse Dulcolax.

FAQs About Dulcolax

Can Dulcolax medication worsen constipation?

DULCOLAX should not be taken for a long time. If you use it daily, you should consult your doctor to diagnose why you are constipated. Excessive and long-term use of Dulcolax medication may cause your body to produce excess of salts or result in low potassium levels, and cause kidney problems and muscle weakness.

How long will it take before Dulcolax begins its work?

Sometimes it takes 6 to 12 hours for the medicine to cause you to have a bowel movement. Inform your doctor if your symptoms persist, your condition gets adverse, or you start bleeding from your rectum. If you think you’ve got a serious medical condition, see a doctor right away.

Is taking 4 Dulcolax pills Per Day an overdose?

Don’t take more than one unless directed by a qualified doctor. It is generally safe to take this medication once a day because that’s what patients are often given in hospitals.

Wrapping Up

Dulcolax must only be used to relieve constipation temporarily. If you continue to feel constipated even after using the drug for five days, we recommend you to see your pharmacist or doctor. Eating well, drinking plenty of water, and exercising regularly make it possible to maintain regular bowel movements.

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