How Much Does It Cost to Install or Replace a Toilet?

Whether you are considering installing a new toilet or replacing an existing one, the cost is perhaps the most important factor affecting your decision. The cost of the toilet bowl, the plumbing, and the labor can quickly add up. So, how much will a brand-new toilet cost you?

Installing a new toilet or replacing an existing one might set you back between $225 to $530, with the average being about $370. The cost can significantly increase depending on the type and brand of toilet bowl you choose and the job’s complexity, and it can take between 4-6 hours.

Several factors can affect the installation cost of a new toilet, including whether there is a need to redo the plumbing or any additional ductwork. Let’s dig deep and break down the cost of replacing or installing a new toilet.

Breakdown of the Cost of Installing a New Toilet

The cost of installing a new toilet or replacing an old one includes the cost of the toilet bowl, other components, fixtures, and labor. Here is the estimated breakdown of all the costs associated with replacing or installing a new toilet.

The cost of the bowl

a customer choosing the right toilet bowl type

The first thing you will need is to pick out a toilet bowl. If you want to keep the costs down, you can go with a simple, basic toilet bowl that will set you back about $100. However, if you want your toilet to be fancy with some cutting-edge tech, you might have to shell out upwards of $2000.

Some of the available types of toilet bowls you can purchase include-

  • Low-flow systems: These need lesser water than regular toilet bowls. Low-flow systems typically cost about $500.
  • Upflush toilets: Also called macerating toilets are ideal for basements as they have a motor that can propel the waste against gravity. The upflush systems are quite expensive and start at $900.
  • Wall-mounted toilets: These are installed directly on the wall using metal brackets in contrast to the floor-mounted models. Installing one of these wall-mounted toilets might set you back $650.
  • Dual flush toilets: These toilets have two flushes, one for liquid waste and the other for solid waste. These also cost more than regular toilets, with the average being $350. 
  • Smart toilets: Smart toilets have a lot of so-called ‘smart’ features, including automated flushing and heated seats. These can cost much more than regular toilets, with some models costing as much as $15,000!

The drainpipe installation cost

installing a new toilet drainpipe

You might not need to install a drainpipe if replacing an old toilet. However, if you are installing a new toilet in a different location, you might need to spend on installing a drainpipe.

The cost to repair drainpipes can be as much as $650. If you need to move your existing toilet to a new location, you will need to install new drainpipes that cost about $1 to $30 per foot. Not to mention, you will need additional labor costs as well.

Labor costs

You will need a professional plumber to install the toilet you purchased. The average charge for hiring a professional plumber to install a toilet is between $65 and $100, and it might take 4-6 hours to complete the installation. However, it might take much longer if the plumber runs into a problem.

Similarly, the time required to install a toilet also depends on the type of toilet. For instance, installing a toilet with a heated seat or an automated lid can cost much more labor.

Cost to remove old toilet

a plumber removing an old toilet
Image from Lily Anne Phibian

You should bear in mind that it will also cost you to dispose of your old toilet. The toilet removal costs can range from $50-$200.

Additional costs

Apart from the abovementioned costs, you might also have some incidentals. Some examples might include unexpected leaks, cracked flanges, or caulking that needs to be redone. These additional charges can inflate your budget by as much as $600.

Factors affecting the installation cost of a new toilet or replacing an existing toilet

Several factors can increase the cost required to install a toilet. Some of the factors include:

Type of the toilet you choose

Most of your installation costs will go toward purchasing a new toilet bowl. Thankfully, you have many options regardless of your budget.

Location of the new installation

bathroom installed in a basement

The location of your house where you need to install a new toilet also affects the overall cost. For instance, installing a new bathroom in the basement will cost more than installing it on the ground floor. The costs can be significantly more if you don’t already have plumbing in your basement. The average cost to install a toilet in your basement can be $1700.

Need of repairs

Your cost will certainly increase if your plumbing needs repairs or touchups. You may need additional parts or time to fix all the problems that will increase the price. If the existing toilet leaks or other issues, the plumber might need extra work, increasing the labor cost.

Additional and emergency charges

If you need your toilet installed urgently, prepare to shell out extra cash. Whenever a plumber is called after hours or on weekends, they will charge extra. Depending on the plumbing service, the emergency charges can triple the regular hourly costs.

When do you need to install a new toilet?

Installing a toilet costs a lot of money, but if your toilet has some issues, you don’t want to put off replacing it either. So, when does it become necessary to change your toilet? Let’s find out.

If the toilet is very old

an old toilet

Even if your toilet has no apparent problems, you don’t want a toilet that is 30 or 40 years old. For starters, older toilets are not as efficient as newer models. For instance, the toilet I recently replaced in my basement was installed in 1992 and used 2.5 gallons of water per flush. The newer one that replaced it uses only 1.5 gallons and has a two-flush system that saves even more water!

If the toilet is acting up

Occasional clogs and backups are okay, but if you call a plumber multiple times, it might be time to consider replacing the toilet. Although replacing might cost more, you will save on repair costs in the long run. 

If the toilet is unstable

If your toilet wobbles or is unstable when you sit on it, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. A wobbly toilet might also indicate some water issue that needs your immediate attention. It is a good idea to call a plumber and have your toilet examined. If the plumber recommends, change the toilet promptly.

If the toilet is clogging frequently

woman plunging the frequently clogged toilet

If your toilet is frequently clogging, it might indicate a serious problem. Toilets that block continually can put undue pressure on the plumbing system and cause leaks leading to bigger problems. Get your toilet checked by a professional plumber if it clogs often.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a toilet last?

Most toilets can easily last about 25-30 years. However, if the toilet is acting up or you have any additional issues, you might replace it sooner.

How much does it cost to replace an existing toilet?

On average, replacing an existing toilet with a brand-new one costs around $250 to $500. That said, the cost can significantly vary depending on the type of toilet bowl you choose and if any additional issues are present.

What type of toilet should I install?

With so many toilet bowl options on the market, choosing the right toilet for your bathroom can get confusing. It would be best to consider your budget, space available, and the quality of the ceramic before you make a purchase decision.

To Conclude

Replacing an old, problematic toilet or installing a new one is not cheap. Being prepared for the expenses might help you to plan the process better. If there are no additional damages and the plumbing is already present, you should expect to shell out between $225 to $530 for a new toilet installation. 

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