How to Clean a Shower Curtain?

The shower is a way of cleaning ourselves and removing all the toxins and other impurities from our bodies. But have we ever wondered if the shower curtains that we regularly use while showering are clean and germ-free?

Those who are not aware of how dirty our shower curtains are will be astonished to hear that these curtains are contaminated with bacteria, just like the toilet seats. 

You can wash your dirty shower curtains in a washing machine or a wash basin with your hands. Use any fabric detergent of your choice to remove stains from the curtains. The method of cleaning varies according to different curtain materials.

Let’s dive deep into the topic’s nitty-gritty and learn the right way to wash your shower curtains. With that, I will also answer some of your questions that might be clouding your head. Let’s get started!

How Frequently Should You Wash Your Shower Curtains?

The answer to this question varies from person to person. Ideally, you should wash your shower curtains once a month, but if you feel that it is not practical, you should at least wash the shower curtains after every three months. 

It is said that shower curtains are more prone to attract and host bacteria as compared to toilet seats. Thus, it is necessary to wash them frequently.

It is ideal to wash your curtains after each month. But in this busy life, taking out time once a month can be tiring and quite impractical. In such a situation, you can wash the shower curtains at least after every three months. 

However, it is not obligatory to follow this washing pattern. If you feel the need to clean curtains before or after the mentioned period, you should definitely work towards it. 

At times, there are visible stains of mold on the curtains, or you find the curtains “extra dirty.” In any of the related situations, don’t follow a certain routine for laundering, or else, it will get difficult to remove stains from the curtain. 

How to Clean a Shower Curtain Properly?

To clean your curtains, first, remove them from their clips and rod. Then, put them in the laundry with a bunch of white towels. Use your normal detergent and wash them with warm water. In the end, don’t dry them in the machine. Instead, hang them to dry by air. 

Your shower curtains are extremely unhygienic if you don’t wash them monthly or after three months. In such a situation, it might be a bit unfair to not tell you about the suitable way of washing your shower curtains. Let’s look ahead to see a step-by-step cleaning routine:

  1. Start with removing the curtain from its rod, and the hooks. Make sure to carefully remove all the additional things before putting them in the washing machine, or else, the curtain might get damaged in this process.
  2. Once, you toss your curtain in the washing machine, also put in a bunch of white towels. These towels will give extra scrubbing to your curtain.
  3. Add the regular amount of detergent and use warm to mildly hot water for washing.
  4. As soon as the curtain is washed, and spun, hang it out to dry with air. If your curtains are made of plastic, you don’t need to spin them either, just hang them in your washroom as they are ready to go!

When Is It Time to Discard Your Shower Curtain?

You should change your shower curtains every six months. But if you feel the need to replace the curtains before the said time period, you should definitely do it!

Our bathrooms are highly humid and warm. Thus, there is a high chance of molds and bacteria breeding on the shower curtain attached to the room. Thus, to ensure that the curtains are clean and fresh, people suggest replacing them every six months. 

However, if you come across a particular situation where you should discard your curtain as soon as possible, don’t wait for the next six months to get a new one. Some of the possible reasons are:

  • Mold and mildew are growing on the curtain
  • Strong nasty stains that won’t come off
  • The curtain smell pungent and weird
  • The fabric has deteriorated a lot and has no utility

Tips That You Should Consider While Cleaning Your Shower Curtains

Have you ever thought of using a set of tips that might help you to clean your shower curtains efficiently and effectively? If not, this list is designed just for you. Read the following ways of washing your curtains without deteriorating the quality of your curtains:

Always Use Warm Water for Washing

Washing warm has its own perks. Some bacteria and mold don’t survive in warm water temperatures. The other pro of using warm water is that it keeps the quality of shower curtains intact. At times, people use cold water, which makes the curtain brittle and rough to touch. Hence, using warm water is a good practice.

Avoid Using Fabric Softeners

It is not advised to use fabric softeners while washing your shower curtains. The major reason behind it is that using fabric softeners creates a layer of film over the curtains. As a result, dirt and bacteria attract more than usual. Also, the fabric softener is not good for plastic curtains as it negatively impacts the quality of plastic curtains.

Use a Normal Cycle to Wash Your Curtains

I have witnessed a lot of people who think that washing shower curtains in heavy cycles will make them cleaner and fresher than usual. This is completely a misconception of people.

Washing shower curtains in heavy cycles will not make them cleaner and fresher than usual. In fact, it can damage the shower curtains and make them more difficult to clean.

The dirt or grime comes off easily in a normal wash in a washing machine. Thus, don’t waste your resources on the extra washing cycle.

Don’t Put Your Curtains in the Dryer After Washing

Once you wash your curtains, don’t put in extra effort to dry them in the washing machine. Instead, hang them back on the curtain rod and let them dry in the air. It is not preferred to let your shower curtains dry in the machine as this process damages and melts certain fabrics. 

Can You Put Shower Curtains In the Washing Machine?

You can put shower curtains in the washing machine at low temperatures. You will need to use a mild detergent and wash on a gentle cycle. Hang to dry or tumble dry on low.

You can also hand wash shower curtains, but they are quite heavy when wet and can take a long time to dry.

If your shower curtain is made of polyester or nylon, you should be able to put it in the washing machine. However, if it’s made of vinyl or plastic, it’s better to hand wash it.


Now that you know the basics of cleaning your shower curtains keep your curtains fresh and dirt-free. But always remember that there are situations when you are unable to clean your shower curtains by yourself. Don’t feel shy to refer to a professional who will help you out with this work without deteriorating the quality of your shower curtains.

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