How to Clean Toilet Without a Brush?-Easy Steps

Cleaning the toilet is one household chore that no one enjoys, and rightly so! While the market is full of products that promise an easy, no-mess alternative to the toilet brush, do these products work? Is there a way to clean your toilet without using a brush?   

Using automatic toilet cleaners and cleaning tablets is the best way to clean your toilet without a brush. If you want a natural alternative to these cleaning solutions, you can make toilet cleaning bombs with baking soda and citric acid at home. Vinegar can also be a great natural alternative if you are in a pinch. 

Not everyone is comfortable with scrubbing a toilet with a brush. Thankfully, there are alternative methods to cleaning a toilet that doesn’t require you to slouch over the toilet bowl to get every nook and cranny clean. Let’s see some of the best ways to clean a toilet without a brush below!    

How do I Clean My Toilet Without a Brush?

While there is no question that a brush is a quick, easy, and cheap way to clean your toilet. However, this cleaning method is not without its flaws-

  • You got to “get in there” to clean your toilet with a brush
  • You can easily miss a few spots, especially under the lip of the toilet seat
  • Once you are done cleaning the toilet, you must clean the brush and the holder, which adds an extra step
  • If the toilet brush is not clean, you end up spreading the germs all over the toilet, which is counterproductive, to say the least

Considering all these issues, it is no wonder you are looking for an alternative method to clean your toilet! 

Here are my absolute favorite methods to clean the toilet without using a brush.

Automatic Toilet Cleaners

fluidmaster automatic toilet cleaner
Image from Yannet Rico

The automatic toilet cleaners work by slowly releasing cleaning and disinfecting solution directly into your flush tank. As the water fills the flush tank, some chemical dissolves and turns the water into a cleaning solution. The water automatically cleans your toilet bowl the next time you pull the flush! Neat, isn’t it? 

The market is full of automatic cleaners that need to be placed inside your flush tank, so they are submerged into the water once the tank is filled. They release a combination of bleach and a surfactant-based detergent that cleans the toilet with every flush. Most of these systems last up to three months, and it is very easy to swap the cartridges once they run out of the cleaning mix. 

Several automatic toilet cleaning systems are available on the market, but I recommend the Fluidmaster 8300 Flush ‘n Sparkle system from I found it very easy to install. Furthermore, replacing the cartridge takes just a few seconds.

The advantages of automatic cleaning systems-

  • Most systems have a universal design that fits almost all flush tanks.
  • The refill cartridge contains powerful bleach and detergent combination that cleans the toilet and prevents grime deposition.
  • The refill lasts for several months.
  • The system does not harm any of the internal components of the flush.

Despite these advantages, the automatic toilet cleaners do have a few downsides-

  • These systems’ cleaning chemicals contain bleach, which is not environmentally friendly.
  • Prolonged exposure to the bleach can also damage the rubber flap of the flush valve.
  • They are more expensive than a set of toilet brushes and a holder

Toilet Cleaning Tablets 

blue toilet cleaning tablet
Image from Annielyn Hermoso Monte

Toilet cleaning tablets work similarly to automatic cleaners by releasing a small amount of a cleaning agent into the toilet water. These tablets are a cheaper alternative to automatic toilet cleaners but offer no control over releasing the cleaning chemical

To clean your toilet, drop one of these tablets directly into your flush tank and use your toilet as usual. As the tablet sits in the tank, it slowly dissolves in the water producing a cleaning solution that prevents bacteria and grime from building up.

Many of these tablets come with a blue dye so that you know when they have dissolved completely, and it’s time to replace them. 

As with automatic toilet cleaning systems, there are several brands of toilet bowl cleaning tablets on the market. I recommend using the Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablet from A pack of six of these tablets should last for about three months. 

Here are some advantages of these cleaning tablets-

  • Very easy to use; just drop a tablet in the flush tank
  • Clean the toilet and prevent the buildup of grime and residue
  • Affordable 

While the tablets provide an easy alternative to the brush, they have some disadvantages as well-

  • Sometimes, rather than completely dissolving, these tablets tend to break apart into smaller pieces that can clog the flush valve.
  • Not as effective as the automatic toilet cleaning systems

Toilet Cleaning Gels

applying toilet gel in the toilet bowl
Image from HGM LIVE MALL

Another simple yet elegant solution to avoid scrubbing the toilet is the toilet cleaning gel. To use the product, you must apply a ‘stamp’ of the gel directly above the water line in your toilet bowl. Most of the cleaning gels come with a single or multiple-use applicators well.

The gel contains specially formulated cleaning agents that release into the water in your toilet bowl. Every time you flush, a small amount of the gel dissolves into the incoming water and rinses the bowl away. 

The self-sticking gels can also combat foul odors, which is an added advantage. You have many options on the market, but I recommend the Lysol Click Gel from It is available in a single-use packaging that I like and has a fresh lavender scent! 

Although the cleaning gels are convenient to use and offer similar advantages to the toilet cleaning tablets, they do have a couple of drawbacks-

  • It can be difficult to apply these gels to the toilet bowls at times
  • They are not as effective as the tablets or the automatic cleaning systems

Are There any Natural Alternatives to Clean a Toilet Without a Brush?

If you are like me and don’t want to use harsh chemicals and bleaches to clean your toilet, you can make your toilet cleaning bombs with easily available ingredients. The cleaning bombs contain three main components-

Here is my favorite recipe for a grime-busting cleaning bomb that works wonders for even the dirtiest of the toilets-

homemade white toilet cleaning bombs
Image from Heal Your Soul Wellness & Gifts

Step 1: Combine half a cup of baking soda, a quarter cup of citric acid, and three tablespoonfuls of liquid dish soap in a mixing bowl

Step 2: Fill the mixture into small bath bomb molds. Rolling the mixture in small balls works just fine if you don’t have a bath-bomb mold handy.

Step 3: Let the bombs dry for at least 24 hours before deploying them to clean your toilet!

Drop a bomb right into the toilet bowl when you want to use them. You will notice that the bath bomb starts to effervesce as soon as it hits the water. Let it dissolve completely, and let the mixture sit in the toilet for 15-20 minutes before flushing down.

These bath bombs offer a great, cheap, and environmentally friendly alternative to tablets and gels. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an automatic toilet cleaning system replace the toilet brush in my bathroom? 

While the automatic toilet cleaning systems are great, they are better at preventing the toilet from getting dirty; if your toilet is already dirty, a toilet brush might be a better option. 

Can vinegar clean my toilet?

Yes! A little vinegar and warm water can potentially clean the toilet, but remember, it has a very mild cleansing action and won’t be able to get tougher stains out. 

To conclude

It is possible to get your toilet clean without using a brush. Several products on the market can clean your toilet and prevent stains from forming without scrubbing. If you want a natural solution, you can always make your own citric acid-baking soda cleaning bombs. Happy cleaning! 

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