How to Listen to Music in the Shower?

If listening to music produces good hormones like dopamine and keeps you happy, what’s wrong with that? No, nothing’s wrong but what if you prefer having a shower with music on?

Is it even possible? Even if it is, how do you listen to music in the shower?

Well, thanks to different waterproof technologies, you can enjoy your favorite tune with devices such as musical showerheads, waterproof speakers, etc. Or you can always make your existing device waterproof by using different tricks, such as a waterproof pouch.

Follow this article for a clear understanding of how to enjoy music in the shower.

Can You Listen to Music in The Shower?

Yes, as risky as it sounds, you can listen to music in the shower. You just have to maintain a few things. You can always play music outside of your shower to be safe, but we know that it is not fun while you have loud water running in the shower.  

So, are you going to risk it all? However, you must tread cautiously while utilizing any audio enhancement in the shower due to the risk of damage or accidents from water or steam.

Anyway, here are some ways you can easily listen to music while in the shower.

Musical Showerheads

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What if we told you that you could now use your shower head as a music player? A musical showerhead is an interesting and practical gadget that allows you to enjoy music while taking a shower. 

Wherever you go, shower heads will not only help you relax by spraying some water but will also play music for you thanks to Bluetooth and wifi connectivity. Simply pair it with any device using Bluetooth and it will function. Then comes the 2-in-1 showerhead.

Waterproof Speakers

Portable Shower Speaker with Suction Cup Waterproof for Bathroom Blue Green

The most straightforward way to listen to music while in the shower is by using a waterproof speaker. Waterproof speakers are useful and take up little room. Additionally, connectivity won’t be a concern for you. As a result, they make taking a shower enjoyable and engaging.

On the market, there are several different waterproof speakers. Some speakers are manufactured entirely of waterproof material, while others include a waterproof barrier, such as a rubber plug, between the hole and the speaker to guard against water damage.

In-wall Speakers

What could be better than listening to music in your home or even in the shower, just like you would in a studio?

Every time you push the play button, the in-wall or in-ceiling speakers will astonish you. These speakers will not only offer your music additional They have a studio-like quality and are also waterproof. Despite being passive speakers without built-in amplifiers, they won’t have an impact on the clarity and precision of your music’s sound.

Although they are an expensive investment, they permanently eliminate the fear of soaking your phone in water.

Musical Bath Bombs

If you’re in the mood for something fancy today, you might like to try the musical bath bombs. Imagine relaxing to soothing music while submerged. This same feeling is provided by these melodic bath bombs.

Although these speakers are waterproof, we don’t advise leaving them wet for an extended period of time. They can become your new best buddy because they are readily available, practical, and inexpensive.

Shower Radio

Sangean H205 AM/FM Weather Alert Waterproof Shower Radio

What if we told you that we have a shower gadget for you that gets its power from the water itself? You won’t be surprised to learn that waterproof shower radios are hydro-powered gadgets.

They could be a bit difficult to use since you have to know just where to put them so that they can run on the force of the running water. They are typically put beside the shower, thus their name, where water is constantly running. 

It’s simple to connect them by Bluetooth or an auxiliary wire. In order to continue playing music even when the water stops flowing, these gadgets also store some electricity.

Waterproof Phones

Now that technology has advanced, you may avoid all of the hassles by purchasing a waterproof phone.

We advise you to verify the specifications of the phone before using it in the shower because some phones are only waterproof in cases, but others may be used safely in shallow water up to 5 feet deep for 30 minutes. 

There are several excellent phones on the market that are well-known for having waterproof capabilities in addition to other unique features.

Waterproof Headphones

Do you know what waterproof headphones are? If you want to keep your phone dry, they are an “interesting” alternative because they are made for usage in water.

Although uncommon, waterproof headphones do exist. Your best chance if you’re looking for a pair is to browse online or inquire at your neighborhood electronics shop if they have any on hand.

The finest shower headphones may be used to play your favorite music while you’re in the shower if you’re a morning person and don’t want to wake up the rest of the household.

To get waterproof headphones, you may also search for the finest sweatproof headphones.

Keep in mind that just because something is waterproof doesn’t imply it can withstand chemicals like shampoo and cleansers. So, be careful to take them off before putting any products on your hair or body if you intend to use them in the shower.

Tips for Using Existing Devices in the Shower?

If these gadgets seem a bit expensive to you and you want to stick to your current device, we have got you covered. You can still enjoy music while in the shower if you follow these simple steps to make your device blast out your favorite tune while in the shower. 

Make It Waterproof

Making your device waterproof is the best way to go if you want to enjoy music in the shower. There are several ways to make your device waterproof. 

Using A Waterproof Pouch

a phone inside a Waterproof Pouch in the water

The low price of a waterproof pouch or dry bag is its main benefit. The drawback of dry bags and waterproof pouches is that they generally make it harder to use or touch your phone. Nevertheless, choose a waterproof pouch or dry bag to get the most for your money.

 Waterproof Phone Case

If you want more access to your phone and also want a few more features like shockproofing, you might check out waterproof phone cases.

But obviously, you have to splurge a bit more money compared to waterproof pouches. But with this sort of protection, you can be assured of rugged use of your phone anywhere in the world, be it snow or rain.

Nano Coating

Compared to DIY nano-coating, professional nano-coating is applied quite differently. A phone is put in a vacuum chamber during professional nano-coating, and the nano-coating is applied in vapor form until a waterproof film forms on and around the phone. 

Because the phone is entirely covered by nano-coating, you may use it without being concerned that you missed an area. At the level of the manufacturer, this is starting to occur more frequently to build waterproof phones.

MethodsPros Cons
Waterproof PouchLow costLimited access to phone
Waterproof CasingFull protection, easy access. Expensive compared to pouch
Nano coatingNo bulk; it has no impact on the sensitivity of the screenNot advised for immersion.

Keep the Device Away From Steam

After a busy day, you might enjoy a hot shower, but your electronics won’t. Therefore, it is best to keep your gadgets away from the steam from the shower.

Makeshift Amplifier

We like to find a rapid solution to our issues. As a result, we built a temporary amplifier so that we could enjoy music in the shower. You can also create an amplifier by just placing your phone inside a glass if you want to listen to music in the shower without a speaker. 

This is a trial-and-error procedure since you will need to try many pairs of glasses in order to achieve the desired sound.

Installing A Fan

Shower moisture buildup can potentially damage your electronics. They will stop working if you often use them in the shower. Running a fan while you’re in the shower will prevent the accumulation of moisture around your electronics, therefore protecting them.


Should I Listen to Music While Taking A Shower?

By just using music, you may make the boring, everyday experience of taking a shower much more pleasurable. But when doing so, you should use caution. Your electronics may be badly impacted by the steam from your shower, which might reduce their lifespan or result in an early malfunction.

Are AirPods Waterproof?

Your AirPods aren’t water-resistant. They should not be worn in the shower, in the pool, or even while it is raining. Even though your AirPods Pro or third-generation AirPods are water-resistant, this is not a guarantee and you should always fall on the side of caution.

Are iPhones Waterproof?

In other words, there is currently no “waterproof iPhone.” That being said, a spill or drop into a puddle unintentionally won’t likely cause the phone to malfunction, but it’s advisable to handle the phone gently rather than to push the limitations of its IP68 protection. Also, avoid immersing an iPhone completely underwater.


After reading this article, we believe that you know the answer to the question about how to listen to music in the shower? Are you ready to embark on a musical journey in the shower without any worries? We think you are ready to have an amazing relaxing experience.

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