What is the Standard Height for Bathroom Vanities?

The height of a bathroom vanity determines how easy or difficult it is to use it. For example, if a person is of average height, but the vanity is too high, it will be difficult to use. Today, I will cover the standard height for bathroom vanities.

On average, 34.0 inches (86.5 cm) is the standard height for a bathroom vanity. It is at roughly hip to belly button height for an adult with an average height and children under 10 years of age. However, children around 5 years of age will not be able to use a standard height vanity.

To arrive at this average height, I analyzed the height of vanity units sold in a few different stores. Below, I will show this data so you can get a feel for how the height of vanity units differs. As well as, what the best height for a vanity unit in a bathroom is, and whether you can make a vanity unit higher.

What Height Is Too Short for a Bathroom Vanity

When using a bathroom vanity, it needs to be at a height that so you don’t need to bend over too far. But also short enough that you can comfortably bend over it. Here’s a summary of detailed info about what height is too short for a bathroom vanity.

As a general rule, 30 inches (76 cm) is too short for a bathroom vanity for adults. Children 10 years of age and older are roughly the same height as adults, so this height is too short for them also. The ideal height for a bathroom vanity is hip/waist height.

Here’s a table that shows the height of vanity units sold in three different places, Overstock, Ikea, and Amazon:

Where it’s soldHeight of the vanity unitHeight of the vanity unit (cm)
Ikea32.6 inches82.9 cm
Overstock34.0 inches86.4 cm
Overstock34.0 inches86.4 cm
Overstock33.0 inches83.8 cm
Overstock34.0 inches86.4 cm
Overstock35.0 inches88.9 cm
Amazon34.5 inches87.6 cm
Amazon35.0 inches88.9 cm
Overstock34.0 inches86.4 cm
Average34.0 inches86.5 cm

All vanities in the table above include the legs, and they have a flat top where the sink is installed into the top. So that the top of the vanity is the same height as the top of the countertop. 

As you can see, the height of vanity units does vary by a few inches (5 cm). But, on average, they are 34 inches (86.5 cm) in height.

This is similar to what is reported by Badeloft, a bathroom fixture manufacturer, who states that vanities are typically in the range of 30 to 36 inches (76.2 to 91.4 cm).

If you are getting a vanity that has a basin that sits on top of the vanity, then you should get a custom vanity that is shorter. That way, the height of the basin will be the right height.

I looked into the average height of adults (both male and female), children at 10 years of age, and children at 5 years of age. Below is a table that shows how high a standard height vanity will be based on their age and height:

Average heightHow high a standard vanity is relative to their body
Male 5’6 (67 inches)Hip to belly button height
Female 5’2 (60 inches)Hip to belly button height
Child 5 years – 45 inchesCollar bone height
Child of around 10 years – 62 inchesHip to belly button height

For people aged 10 years and older, such as teenagers and adults, a standard height vanity is about perfect. A smaller percentage of people are shorter and taller. For shorter people or a vanity unit for a child’s bathroom, there are ‘floating’ type vanity units. These are much shorter and are designed to be installed into the wall. Rather than sit on the ground.

Taller people will need to bend down to wash their hands and face and rinse out things like toothbrushes which can be a bit of pain. Provided you get a vanity unit from a very large bathroom or home store, you can generally find a vanity unit that is a lot taller.

What Is the Best Height for a Vanity Unit in a Bathroom

A vanity is something that gets used fairly often, and therefore, it’s important to know how high it should be so that it’s comfortable to use. While some people are shorter than others, there is an average height that is best for most people. Here’s what it is.

As a general rule, hip height is the best height for a vanity unit in a bathroom. The average height of vanity units for bathrooms is 34.0 inches (86.5 cm). Compared to the average height of an adult male or female, this is about hip height.

For children who are about 5 years of age, a vanity unit of this size will be too tall that they can’t reach it. Therefore, it’s generally best to get them a step stool. 

Otherwise, if you lower the vanity unit eventually, it will be too short. And it will be uncomfortable for other people in a home to use it. If everyone in your family is taller or shorter than the average height, it’s a good idea to change the height to suit.

Can You Make a Vanity Unit Higher

For taller people, the top of a vanity unit is more comfortable when it’s higher than average. Otherwise, they will need to bend down more to wash their hands and face or rinse their mouth out after brushing their teeth. This is whether there is any way to make a vanity unit higher.

It’s possible to make a vanity unit higher. It involves adding a wood frame underneath the bottom of the vanity. Or removing the vanity top or vessel top and adding a wood frame underneath the top. Afterward, paneling is installed to cover the wood frame so it can’t be seen.

For example, you can use some vinyl floor tiles, regular tiles, or a piece of acrylic to cover the wood frame. And make it blend in or create a unique look with the rest of your vanity unit. Here’s a really good video where someone shows how they raised their standard-sized vanity unit.

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