Where to Put Toilet Paper in Small Bathroom? 12 Great Ideas for You!

Considering that toilet paper is the most significant item in your bathroom and needs to be near to you so that you don’t experience any issues, it is crucial to have it placed in the right place. Additionally, the small bathroom makes it a little more difficult to plan where to put the toilet paper.

In your small bathroom, you can use a freestanding holder to hold the toilet paper, a wall-mounted holder, a basket to hang on the wall near your toilet, or even place the toilet paper on top of the toilet tank.

Here, I have a tonne of suggestions for how you can ingeniously find a place in your small bathroom to store toilet paper while also meeting your needs and making it seem decent.

Let’s get started!

12 Ideas on Where to Keep Toilet Paper in Small Bathroom

Here are some creative ways to keep toilet paper close at hand in a small bathroom:

#1 Mounted Toilet Paper Holder

Mounted Toilet Paper Holder on the wall

The simplest way to store your toilet paper is to mount a holder on the sidewall of your toilet. In addition, this spot also serves as a convenient storage unit where you can easily retrieve your toilet paper. Your small bathroom can even be made more space-efficient and will seem tidier.

Nevertheless, when installing a toilet paper holder, ensure the placement is ideal, so you have enough room to grab the toilet paper while seated on the toilet without getting up.

The holder should be mounted approximately 26 inches above the ground and 8 to 12 inches from the toilet’s highest point.

There are two varieties of mounted toilet paper: one that is self-adhesive and the other that requires drilling holes in the wall. Therefore, you may make an appropriate decision for your bathroom.

#2 Hanging Storage Box

DRON TOOON Fabric Wall Hanging Storage Caddy Bag

Another way to store your toilet paper is by hanging it from a storage box or basket near the toilet. This option gives you more flexibility, as you can relocate the holder whenever necessary.

Make sure there’s enough room under the box for your wet hands to grab a tissue when needed!

#3 Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

SunnyPoint Classic Bathroom Free Standing Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Holder Stand

It’s also a wise idea to buy a floor stand for your toilet paper and put it next to the toilet. It gives you a good amount of space for not only placing your toilet paper but also for tissues, wet wipes, or even more extra toilet paper.

The floor stand features a top holder for toilet paper and a backup storage area for toilet paper at the bottom.

The best part about it is that, because it’s a floor stand, you can move it around to suit your needs and set it up beneath your sink or even close to your bathtub.

#4 Back of the Door

Another option is to place the toilet paper holder at the back of the toilet door. It will save your floor space from extra clutter.

Make sure the door allows enough space to hold the toilet paper holder.

#5 Basket

toilet papers full of basket

An innovative suggestion that will give your bathroom a unique appearance is to have a basket for holding your toilet paper. You can have a basket in your bathroom in a variety of ways, such as hanging it on the wall, placing it on your toilet tank, or even having a rattan basket to place on the floor.

Regardless of how you place a basket in your bathroom, it will give you additional space to store other items nearby and within your reach!

#6 DIY Copper Pipes

To make this DIY toilet paper holder, all you need are some copper pipes, wall brackets, epoxies, screws, and connectors.

Start by drilling a hole in the wall the same size as your bracket. You’ll also need to cut out the shape of the bracket and connect it to the copper pipe with screws. Once both pieces are connected, epoxy them together so that they’re permanent.

Then, paint or cover your holder in whatever design you like!

#7 Braided Leather

diy Braided Leather toilet paper holder

For a more rustic look, you can braid leather to create your own toilet paper holder. Start by cutting the leather into even-sized strips and then start braiding the strips together. 

Trim the ends of the strip so that they’re even and attach them to each side of the bracket with screws or connectors.

#8 Floating Shelf

If you have a small bathroom and don’t want to clutter up the floor space with a toilet paper holder, consider installing a floating shelf instead. All you need is some wall space and an epoxy adhesive.

Once the wall brackets are attached, attach the floating shelf to them using epoxy adhesive.

You can get one that holds a few toilet paper rolls at a time.

#9 Storage Rack

Body care cosmetics with toilet paper on shelves in bathroom

In your small bathroom, storage racks are a great option because they give you an area to store items other than just toilet paper. The rack can be installed above the toilet tank or it can be placed on the ground.

While you’re storing your toilet paper and other necessities on your storage rack, you can also place some decorating items on it to give your bathroom a striking look, even if it’s small but elegant.

#10 Over the Toilet Tank

One wonderful thing to do is to stack the toilet paper on top of the tank. It will look fantastic, and you can even add a diffuser or decorative item next to it to complete the look.

The toilet paper roll can be placed on a wooden tray that you can lay on top of your toilet tank. The toilet paper will still be within easy reach of you even if you have to turn a little bit to get to it.

#11 On the Side of the Toilet Tank

metal toilet paper holder on the side of toilet tank
Image from Ayman Mohamed Farag Mohamed Omar

If the space above your toilet tank is too limited, consider installing a holder on the side of the toilet tank. This holder can be made from wood or metal, holding several rolls of toilet paper. 

You’ll have to measure the space where you want to install it so that the holder is even with the height of your toilet’s side wall.

You can install the toilet paper holder on either side of the toilet tank.

#12 Glass Vase

A glass vase storage for toilet paper will fit perfectly anywhere in your small bathroom.

The translucent glass will give your bathroom a very exquisite appearance while also providing space for your toilet paper and safeguarding it from splashes of water.

#13 Small Cabinets

small bathroom cabinet with a toilet paper holder
Image from Ace of Space DC

If you have small bathroom cabinets, consider installing a holder for toilet paper rolls on the top of the cabinet. 

This will give your bathroom extra space to store other necessities and make it easy to grab a roll of toilet paper when needed.

Depending on the design of your cabinet, there might be enough room inside it to install a small wire rack as well.

Should the End of the Toilet Paper Be Hung Over or Under the Roll?

It is preferable to hang it over the roll. It makes it easy to pull the toilet paper. Additionally, it is simple to grab and strip away the required number of sheets. It is also less bacterially disseminated when it is hung over.

However, you can hang it beneath the roll if you prefer a clean and organized washroom. Since it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Where Should You Keep Extra Toilet Paper in a Small Bathroom?

If you have a small bathroom with very limited storage space, you can put your extra toilet paper in a toilet paper stand, basket, glass vase, storage rack, or even beneath the sink.

Of course, having a nice and appealing bathroom is crucial, just like any other room. Extra toilet paper rolls left lying around in your bathroom will only make it seem bad. So that toilet paper doesn’t hinder your bathroom’s outlook and so that you have storage for them, you must choose a discreet and sleek spot.

In ADA compliant toilets, the holder is within the range of the person using it. 

Is It a Good Idea to Keep Toilet Paper Under the Sink?

a woman holding a toilet paper with the holder installed under the sink

Keeping toilet paper beneath the sink is a great idea if your sink does not leak. Because a leaking sink will damage your unused toilet paper, you may need to consider another spot for your toilet paper.

When storing toilet paper, it’s ideal for keeping it somewhere cool and dry. If the area under your sink is dry, go ahead and put it there. You might even think about putting it somewhere on a shelf or in a watertight container where there is no chance of water damaging the toilet paper.


Although fitting everything into a small bathroom can be challenging, this does not preclude you from doing so.

Now that you have all the ideas, you may arrange and stack everything, including your toilet paper. Choose the best choice for your bathroom, and you’re good to go.

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