Why Does Poop Smell Linger on Skin?

Because your skin is very porous, poop smell can persist if you don’t wash your hands right away. It might also happen if you haven’t cleaned your hands correctly. But don’t panic! There is a solution! A little bit of chemistry can help fix this problem.

If the smell persists after you’ve washed your hands, add some dish detergent or a regular hand soap. Lather your hands thoroughly with the detergent before you rinse them with warm water. It is much better to use detergents than soaps, particularly if you’re using hard water.

Here Are Some More Things That Might Help!

  1. Buy toilet paper that says strong; we recommend you get two-ply toilet paper.
  2. Use more tissue paper, and make sure that you fold it while you wipe your bum. Paper towels are easily ruined.
  3. Always carry a travel size of soft baby wipes to help you finish wiping your bum. You will need to stack at least 3 of them to wipe out any stray poo. If you do this a few times, your hands should be stain-free.
  4. Wash your hands several times with soap that contains solid antibacterial agents. It will take around 2 minutes to accomplish this. Wash your hands at least 3 times!

You have been putting off changing your hygienic habits for a long time. Now is the time to start doing things about it. Poo hands are gross. They scream disgusting.

So, Why Is My Poop Smelling So Bad?

So, what causes that icky-smelling poop that you always feel? Here are some of the culprits and what you should do about them.

1. You’ve Lactose Intolerance

If you feel weird every time you get an icy treat, you may be lactose intolerant. Lactase enzyme breaks down lactose into smaller pieces that you can easily digest. If you don’t have enough lactase enzymes or do not produce enough, bacteria in your bowel can cause fermentation of undigested lactose and produce gases and smelly stools. End the discomfort (and smell) by refraining from dairy products, switching to a lactose-free option, or popping a lactase-enzyme tablet (such as Lactaid) before snacking or taking a meal.

Track how much food you eat for a few days, and look carefully at what meals and snacks result in your trips to the washroom.

Why Does Poop Smell Linger On Skin
What causes the bad smell?

You may notice that certain foods are bad for your digestive health, and you may need to eliminate them from your diet. If you think about quitting some foods, you might be experiencing a real-life couples breakup montage. But if you want to know if you should be taking certain digestive enzymes to help your gut heal, ask your doctor.

2. Most of Your Meals Are Rich in Sulfur

Foods rich in sulfur, including cheese, meat, and cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli and cauliflower are difficult to digest, unlike other foods. Your body needs to work overtime for the task to get done.

During digestion, more gases are released, causing sulfur-rich foods to smell more pungent. We recommend you consider shrinking your diet or refrain from eating many foods rich in sulfur simultaneously.

3. You’ve Overeaten Cocktails

Depending on what kind of booze you drink and how much alcohol you drink, it can affect how you poop. Alcohol is very high in sulfates, which bugs in your gut will use to make stinky sulfide gasses. It changes how your body works when you drink a lot of alcohol, and when you drink a lot of alcohol, your colon works harder to remove the waste. It flushes out more waste more quickly.

It’s the excess of alcohol and any waste that you don’t fully digest that causes your stool to smell awful in the morning. Besides drinking less alcohol or spreading out your expensive cocktails, you must drink a lot of water since dehydration can affect the rank of your poop when you drink too much.

4. …Or Maybe It’s Time You Stop Eating Junk Food!

People can’t digest highly sugary and processed foods, and the chemicals in those foods cause gas. As a result, digestion takes longer, food stays in your system for longer, and your body releases more gas.

Not to mention, junk food is typically very fattening, so sometimes the body doesn’t break down or absorb the fat properly. This fat is absorbed by the tissues and goes into your colon as a product of improper digestion, which can cause nasty smelly gas in your stool. Some chemicals in processed foods can also cause issues with your digestion, so try lowering your intake.

5. You’ve Got an Infection

Viruses, parasites, or bacteria may cause gut infections. They may cause pain in your abdomen, cause you to vomit, and cause you to smell bad. Your doctor may require a fecal analysis to determine precisely what type of disease you have and diagnose you with a treatment option that will help.

But if the doctor prescribes antibiotics, you may have a foul-smelling poop. Antibiotics are known to upset the balance between bad and good bacteria in your gut, so make sure to ask your doctor for ways to maintain a happy gut flora while you’re receiving treatment.

6. Having Gut Problems?

It could be that some nutrients your body needs are missing, like a lack of absorbing some carbs or protein or a lack of digestion of some fats. That can cause your urine to smell foul when it passes through the intestines. Sometimes these symptoms are caused by certain conditions, such as pancreatitis, celiac disease, or inflammatory stomach disease. These medical conditions require regular consultation and medical care.

7. You’re on Medication Or Taking Supplements

Most drug medications are coated with chemicals that cause your gut to act strangely, causing you to feel sick and probably have a terrible smell in your poop. And if you take too many medications or take too many vitamins and supplements, you could damage your system. Even if you take slightly more than the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and supplements, your bowel function will be affected. Find out from your doctor what you can do to keep your digestion working properly.

8. You’re Constipated

The longer the time poop takes to travel through your large intestine, the more it will cause a stink. For those constantly travelling or not getting enough sleep, try consuming more water and eating easier-to-digest food. There are also a few products that can help, such as stool softeners, OTC laxatives or fiber supplements. However, if you’re still unable to get out of bed on time or use some of these OTC medications to use the toilet, consider seeing your doctor.

9. Random Change of Diet

Those who eat a lot of red meat or lots of cheese will find that the smell of their poop intensifies. People are used to getting their fiber from eating carbohydrates, but when those carbs are removed, it may cause them to experience constipation. As a result, your body releases smelly gases when the stool eventually comes out. Because high-fat meats are more fattening, your body will start to produce very stinky, putrid poop.

If you want to get the train back on track, try eating diets high in fiber and those considered keto-friendly (think: fruits and vegetables with a high fiber content).

When To Visit My Doctor?

Why Does Poop Smell Linger On Skin
A doctor diagnosing a patient

When you realize your poop smells terrible, you should see a doctor right away. If you haven’t been sick recently or received any antibiotics, try keeping a food diary to see whether you can recognize regular or new food that may be causing you to have a foul-smelling stool.

Doctors recommend removing lactose and dairy additives from your diet if you don’t find a cause for the smelly poop. Both of these can cause your body to produce urine that smells foul. If after a few weeks you can’t recognize or eliminate certain foods and you’re still experiencing a foul odor in your poop, it’s time to get help.

You should call your doctor if you experience any of the symptoms that are often a red flag — like being tired, intense pain during the night, or bleeding. These are typical signs of poor health, and you should seek help immediately.

How Will I Avoid the Smelly Poops?

If your smelly poop is not related to something serious, for instance, bleeding through your intestinal tract, there are still a few essential things you might do.

  • Drink adequate water – Sometimes, taking in more water can assist remove the awful odor that your poop produces. It is vital to hydrate the gut properly to keep your body healthy.
  • Monitor your diet – Those eating a lot of onions and garlic might be the culprit. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what is causing that smell. It is vital to track what foods cause your digestive tract to become upset. You should pay attention to foods that contain gluten and dairy.
  • Eliminate some foods – You can try avoiding certain foods, like asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, eggs, and red meat, which are typical for causing stinky poop. These foods play a primary role in causing you to have stinky poop.
  • Try using probiotics – Probiotics might help you get a good balance of the health pathogens in your stomach and can help relieve some of the mild GI symptoms.


1. Can I smell bacteria when I poo?

Smells do not contain bacteria that cause illness; instead, bacteria are much bigger than the gas molecules that make up the smell. You cannot cause yourself to get sick by smelling rotten eggs or other milk-containing foods.

2. Is it true that skin can absorb odors from other body parts?

One of the most common types of ingredients that people think about when they poop is smelling lousy scents. Synthetic fragrances and essential oils are small, oil-based molecules easily absorbed by the skin.

3. Some people’s poo smells more intense than others. What causes people’s poo to smell fouler?

Many different things can cause people’s stools to smell foul. Some people have severe milk allergies. Others have to avoid certain foods, and some have underlying medical conditions that cause them to smell foul. If you suspect a milk allergy, you should quit consuming milk or any milk products.

Wrapping Up

Even though poop smells bad, it is mostly harmless, especially if there aren’t many symptoms. So don’t panic! It can happen to anyone! But, if the smelly poo lasts, and you’ve taken note of other symptoms besides it, talk with your doctor or clinician about the next steps. It could mean something else! Don’t wait any longer; call your doctor!

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