How Much Does a Toilet Weight

When wanting to install a toilet, it’s critical to know its details. For instance, if you aren’t familiar with how much it weighs, you may find it challenging to bring it to your home. For that reason, I believe understanding these details through this article- is crucial.

On average, a toilet’s weight, including the tank and water, is 90 pounds (41kg). Yet the range varies from two primary aspects; how the company behind the product made it and whether it is a two or a one-piece toilet. Moreover, toilets tend to range anywhere from 60-120 pounds.

Yet, there’s more to know. For instance, whether a single person can lift and install a toilet in one’s house. Additionally, I researched this topic for plenty of time, and I still feel I haven’t touched the edge of the fork.

This article will demonstrate various features and details that anyone should know before buying or trying to install a toilet. Moreover, we’ll go over the different types and how they affect weight.

I encourage you to read this article to the fullest since I’ll be including must-know details prior to installing a toilet by yourself or with the help of professionals.

empty one-piece toilets display
Image from Bencardo – Bathware Centre

How heavy is an empty toilet?

Two types of toilets currently control the market. First, there’s a one-piece toilet. Often, they’re easier to clean and weigh more. The second type is a two-piece toilet. Let’s examine how they differ when talking about empty toilets.

On average, a one-piece empty toilet weighs 88lbs(40kg) while a two-piece weighs 55lbs(25kg). As you can tell, both are incredibly different. The gap in weight exists since the one-piece toilet holds the ceramic while the production occurs. As a result, there’s a difference in the weight.

Frankly, toilets are heavy. Consequently, moving them alone will take plenty of effort and sweat. Thus before installing and buying a toilet for your place, consider hiring a team to install it for you.

Yet, moving a two-piece is easier since you can lift both parts separately. As a result, they’ll weigh less and be more manageable to move by themselves.

American Standard Toilet
Image from American Standard

How much does an American Standard toilet weigh?

Buying from large-scale companies is wise since you can’t go wrong. Moreover, thousands of experiments have gone into crafting these numbers so that one can trust them.

The standard American toilet weighs in the range of 60-120lbs (27-54kg). While the field is broad, one can adapt one’s situation to that number. You won’t find any heavier or lighter toilets unless your price budget is more significant than the average.

Following this range will be deemed wise since you’ll be buying from a large-scale company, which is better than a small one. Although I completely support small businesses, American Standard knows their job, and they’re the experts in this realm.

one person lifting the toilet
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Can one person lift a toilet?

Lifting heavy objects will always be harmful, no matter if you’re capable of lifting the weight or not. Unlike weight lifting in the gym, picking up heavy things is unhealthy, so one should consult professional toilet installers before doing it himself.

One person can lift a toilet, especially if it’s a two-piece toilet since it comes in two parts. As a result, if one wants to install or bring it to one’s home without any professional assistance, it’s possible- yet not recommended.

But, if you want to get tricky, you could separate the tank from the bowl. Simply by removing the bolts that connect both parts with a wrench. Consequently, the two pieces will begin separating, and you’ll have an easier time carrying them.

However, when I bought a toilet at my home, I had professionals come by and assist me in carrying it from the facility to my house. Later, they installed it by themselves, which was incredibly helpful in saving my efforts.

Nonetheless, consider separating the two parts if you’re eager to install it yourself. You can pick it up by yourself if you don’t want to since the average toilet weight is 90lbs. (41kg)

One-Piece vs. Two-Piece Toilet

Which is heavier, a one or a two-piece toilet?

I mentioned this detail in the previous sections, yet I believe going over it again is critical. Whether you desire to purchase a one or a two-piece, knowing this- may affect your decision. Consequently, I decided to dedicate a complete section to it.

A one-piece toilet is heavier than a two-piece since it carries the ceramics while the production is happening. As a result, the entire toilet will be heavier-weight since that’s the case. If you desire a lightweight toilet, consider buying a two-piece rather than a single one.

Eventually, the gap between the weights differs. One product may be heavier in other cases. For instance, luxury toilets tend to be heavier than the average. In that case, a luxury two-piece will be heavier than the standard one-piece.

How do you lift a toilet?

It’ll be best if you don’t risk your health by lifting heavy objects. For instance, while one person can pick up a toilet by himself, the other will harm his body. Unfortunately, we can see that happening when back pain begins controlling our lives. By following the link, you can read more about back pain from a professional medical website.

You can lift a toilet by separating the tank and the bowl and thus decrease the total weight you carry in a single time. But, if you’re eager to pick it up in one piece, various individuals can do it, yet they may harm their backs. Read more about symptoms of back pain by following the link.

Most toilet stores will provide various services to both lift and install the toilets in your home. I encourage you to consider adding more money to buy such a service since it’ll save plenty of effort.

Such a service will also save you plenty of mistakes and learning unless your expertise is toilets, which is unlikely. If you decide to deliver it yourself, you may have to install it yourself, which, trust me, you shouldn’t try to do.

a man sitting on a toilet

How much weight can a standard toilet hold?

On average, standard toilets can hold up to 1000lbs(453kg). However, the range can vary from 500-2000lbs (227-907kg). For your information, you shouldn’t reach that weight unless you ultimately put your efforts into it. Moreover, consulting with professionals before buying a toilet- is encouraged.

Final words

All types of toilets will be heavy unless you pay for a luxury one, which can be incredibly lightweight. However, you may have to consult professionals before buying or delivering the toilet for the standard type. You don’t want to get stuck with an uninstalled one in your home.

Toilets usually weigh in the range of 60-120lbs. Although that may seem like plenty, it’s not as much as you think. By separating the parts, one can pick up the weight in half and thus be capable of delivering it to one’s home. When I bought a toilet for my home, I was capable of picking it up by myself. However, I decided to hire professionals to assist me in installing and delivering it. Consequently, I saved the effort of learning to install it in my home and causing more damage than there is.

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