Huge Turd Won’t Flush, What Should You Do?

It can be frustrating to relieve yourself but then find that your poop is stuck in the bowl. It’s a common occurrence many people experience at one time or another. You are not any different, but it’s crucial that you know the right way to handle such a scenario. So, what do you do if a huge turd won’t flush?

For turds that are too big to flush, put baking soda (one cup) in your toilet bowl. Then add one cup of vinegar to the bowl of your toilet. After you let the mixture sit for 20 minutes, pour boiling water inside your toilet bowl and let the mixture in the bowl sit for 10 minutes, then flush the toilet.

It’s a practical and straightforward way to do the job in minutes. It simply works because the formulation breaks down the big poop.

Huge Turd Won’t Flush, What Should You Do?
Poop won’t flush

DIY Procedure for Eliminating a Turd that Won’t Flush

Below is a much-detailed DIY procedure you’ll have to follow if your huge turd won’t flush.

1. Pour Baking Soda (1 Cup) Into Your Toilet Bowl

First thing first, you’ll want to inspect your toilet to rule out any other possible reasons why it can’t flush. When the Turd doesn’t flush, try using some broken stick to help break up the poop. It is best now add baking soda to break up the poop. So, take your baking soda and measure one cup, and then pour inside your toilet bowl.

You’ll notice the chemical reaction with water and see the mixture spreading. That’s a good sign that the turd poop is breaking into smaller particles.

2. Add Vinegar (1 Cup) Into Your Toilet Bowl

After you pour baking soda into the toilet, add 1 cup of vinegar to your bowl. The baking soda and vinegar mixture reacts perfectly to break down the poop stuck inside your bowl.

After adding the Vinegar to the mixture inside your bowl, you’ll see the fizzing activity. Don’t panic! It’s normal.

3. Wait 20 Minutes, And Then Pour Some Boiling Water Into Your Bowl

You’ll wait until the mixture in your toilet bowl ultimately settles. This takes 20 minutes or so. However, you’re welcome to add some extra few minutes if necessary.

Your goal is to remain patient and allow the formulation to do its task. Once the waiting time is over, add boiling water to your toilet bowl. It must be warm enough to break down the poop. It’s what helps speed up the breakdown process.

4. Sit For 10 Minutes and Flush Your Toilet

The last step is to sit back for another ten minutes while the boiling water inside the bowl settles. Once the ten minutes are over, just flush your toilet. You’ll notice it flushes out all the poop because it is completely dissolved.


What causes stool to not go down the drain completely?

If your toilet doesn’t flush the whole time, it may be due to many problems: For example, your water level in your tank might be set very low—issues with your toilet flapper. If you’re using an automatic toilet, you could be experiencing some severe obstruction. Additionally, there might be a clog in a toilet or a flange in a drain.

Why poop constantly looks like a snake?

A diet that’s low in fluids or fiber can cause you to have more constipation. If you become constipated, your stool becomes smaller, less bulky, and even looks like tiny little balls. When people become constipated, a blockage in the colon causes stools to become thin and stringy.

Are long stools healthy?

Ideally, you should have a poop that is long – a sort of cylinder. If poop appears to be in different shapes, it could be that something is wrong with your digestive tract system.

Final Thoughts

You should focus on these essential steps to flush Turd that won’t flush off your bowl. If a piece of Turd won’t flush, pour baking soda (1 cup) into your toilet bowl. Now, add another cup of Vinegar and wait another 10 minutes. Next, wait a while for the solution to settle before pouring it into hot boiling water. Relax for another 10 minutes before flushing your toilet.

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