What Color Shower Curtain For Gray Bathroom?

You might be wondering what color of shower curtain to pick after choosing gray for your bathroom exterior. Picking the right color is always a tough decision to make. 

So, the question that might be bugging you is, what color shower curtain for a gray bathroom?

Gray, a neutral color, goes well with almost all colors. In particular, gray walls go well with shades of white, blue, gray, red, and yellow.

To know more about gray bathrooms and the complementary shower curtain color, let’s dive into the article without any further ado. 

What Color Shower Curtain For Gray Bathrooms?

The reason gray walls are so popular right now is that they give a room depth without being too gloomy, and because they’re neutral, you might add all sorts of other additional shades to make the space stand out.

You should also hang some gray-colored drapes to tie the space together. The color of the curtains you choose will depend on the style you want the place to achieve and the tone of gray you used for the walls. Curtains may significantly transform the look of a bathroom.

Here are some fantastic options if you’re looking for the ideal set of curtains.

1. Tan and Cream

The diversity of gray walls is what makes them such an excellent choice. They go well with other colors as well as other neutrals.

These curtains in shades of tan and cream contrast beautifully with the gray walls and add some warmth that is lacking from clean white. 

2. Navy Blue

Navy blue is one of the most appealing curtain colors for gray walls. When combined with gray, the deep, rich color truly pops out without giving the space a gloomy look.

In a room with camel-colored equipment, white or cream accessories, and other warm-toned accents, navy blue shower curtains will look stunning.

3. Oatmeal

Due to its flawless blending of gray and yellow, oatmeal is such a beautiful neutral color.

Gray walls can occasionally give a room a feeling of coldness. However, oatmeal shower curtains in a space with gray walls give you the option of decorating with pleasant and comfortable accents while maintaining a light and airy sense of gray.

4. Dusty Rose

Dusty rose accents or shower curtains are frequently found in nurseries, but they may look just as elegant in almost any area with gray walls.

If your space has white equipment, gray walls, and maroon and olive accents, consider using dusty rose curtains. Any person will admire the gorgeous color palette it generates.

5. Yellow

Yellow shower curtains make perfect sense in a bathroom with gray walls since the colors yellow and gray go along so elegantly.

You can use a vivid yellow to make a room feel incredibly warm and cheerful or a mustard yellow to generate a more classy look. Any color will still stand out against the stark gray walls and produce a stunning aesthetic.

6. Charcoal Gray

Given that light gray walls are perhaps the most adaptable of all colors, you can choose any number of different colored curtains to go with them. However, think about combining them with charcoal gray if you’re trying for a more dark or serious aesthetic.

The contrast between charcoal gray drapes and light gray walls is stunning without being overly gloomy. Because charcoal is a little softer than pure black, it will continue to feel cozy and toasty. If you want to lighten things up a bit, you may also add a few lighter accents.

7. Cream

A suitable technique to maintain the light and open atmosphere created by gray walls while making the space feel chilly is cream-colored shower curtains. 

Gray and bright white contrast sharply, but cream and gray contrast very subtly. Similar in appearance, although with marginally differing overall aesthetics.

8. Lilac

There are many pastel colors that blend very well with gray, but lilac stands out as being particularly attractive. The mood will be set for some amazing decor with a pair of delicate lilac drapes on a gray wall.

Consider a pair of shower curtains in a different color like cherry, wine, or even magenta if you dislike pastels but admire the color purple! Gray and purple make a great combination.

9. Large Colorful Floral

To be honest, designing with patterns can be really scary since you risk making a place appear ‘busy’ or congested if you don’t do it correctly. Opt for a big pattern like florals if you wish to be safe.

A floral pattern has a lot going on, but because it’s so big, it doesn’t appear too overwhelming. Additionally, it enables large splashes of color that contrast gorgeously with the gray walls by softening the pattern and making it a little softer on the eyes.

10. Coral

Coral shower curtain panels are a great way to revitalize a gray space! Although the coral truly jumps and has an effect, the colors go together pretty well.

By using white accents, you may boost your brightness even more, or you can slightly mask it with navy blue accents.

11. Chalky Blue

It doesn’t really matter whether you use a shade of blue or gray because the chances are strong that they’ll work well together. But some shades are slightly more noticeable than others. For instance,  the hazy, chalky blue.

Any shade that is described as “dusty” really simply has a gray undertone, which gives it a wonderful match for gray walls. That describes chalky blue perfectly, which adds a gentle accent rather than a stark contrast to the gray walls.

12. Turquoise

Another exciting, lively color that stands out from gray and creates a sharp contrast is turquoise. Any space that needs a little extra vibrancy will look fantastic with this color.

To achieve a rainbow-like effect, you may really push into the beautiful colors with other vivid elements, or you can explore darker tones of turquoise to amp up the color while still toning it down a little.

Gray Bathroom Ideas – 5 Ways to Use This Popular Shade

Gray is the perfect color for those who value elegance in their interiors. Any form of interior design benefits from the comfort and gentleness this color brings. 

Grey, like black and white, is a neutral color that blends smoothly with all other colors. It seems natural that interior and outdoor paint palettes always include a variety of gray tones. But there are some ideas that can elevate the use of gray in your bathroom.

Let’s see some of the ideas below. 

1. For Depth, Create A Color Clash

There are several contrasting hues for gray which will add relaxation to a bathroom. Mild gray is one of the most common contemporary neutral shades, making it a sophisticated choice for all sorts of interiors.

Gray is a flexible color that is simple to work with. It ranges from cold, soft tones to warm, darker colors with intensity and depth, giving you the opportunity to design interiors that are uniquely yours.

One of the easiest ways to add character is to mix in accents and elements that will enhance the overall design and make the space truly yours. Gray serves as the ideal backdrop for the pink accessories in this instance.

2. Decorate Using A Variety of Gray Shades.

According to Kate Watson-Smyth, author of Shades of Gray, “Mixing different grays can be tricky if they don’t have the same base notes but it’s a look that’s easier to achieve if you mix up your materials: a wood-paneled wall with marble effect paper and layers of textiles and textures.”

Choosing a single, subdued tone in an eggshell texture for bathroom walls, paneling, and glass panels will leave a blank canvas, letting furniture and trinkets stand out.

3. Pair Classic Black and Gray Marble

Gray flooring ideas for a bathroom can be introduced in a sophisticated and opulent style using marble. Additionally, whether you choose a modern or more classic space, marble offers a luxurious spa-like vibe to a bathroom and is naturally water-resistant.

Gray is a quick route to elegance, so gray plus white bathroom designs that have a softer touch than all-gray, enhance the delicate beauty by contrasting it with thinly veined marble. The concept is centered on a stylish black bathtub with aged brass taps, enhancing the classic appeal.

4. Pick A Silvery Wood-effect Tiles

If you’re looking for fashionable yet useful gray bathroom tile ideas, these ceramic wood-effect tiles give this trendy bathroom a lovely texture and a variety of soft gray tones. 

The tiles are a wonderful way to incorporate the beauty of nature inside since they combine the lovely appearance of silvery aged wood with the benefits of being simple to clean and water-resistant.

5. Match Warm Wood with Gray Bathroom Designs

Cool gray hues are the perfect complement to natural wood’s warmth and charm.

A timeless aesthetic can be easily created using contemporary neutrals. To create a clear and traditional backdrop that is peaceful and simple to live with, combine tones of mild gray, off-white, and natural earthy tones.

Introduce different textures in similar-toned tiles for simple elegance. Furthermore, you can use warm wood and natural stone finishes to provide depth and character or combine neutrals with eye-catching furniture and vibrant accessories to produce a well-balanced and sophisticated design.


What colors are best for bathrooms?

The most popular bathroom color schemes in 2022, according to expert interior designers, are bright green, modern blue, and warmer neutral tones. These are, in many respects, a continuation of the finest bathroom color trends for 2021. 

Similar to this, this year’s trends include warm natural undertones, all-white bathrooms, and taupe hues. Regardless, the perfect wall color may convert a drab bathroom space into a spa-like retreat.

How do you color coordinate a bathroom?

To create a color scheme for a bathroom, follow the rule of three: Choose one accent, one rich shade, and one neutral color. Think proportionally and count on a 70/20/10 ratio to do it properly. Use the lightest hue for about 70% of the design of the room, the second softest for about 20%, and the brightest for 10%.

You should be aware as neutrals can be paired in various ways. For instance, a color scheme of white, chocolate brown, and light green produces a tidy, traditional appearance. However, when those same neutrals are combined with Kelly green, the result is lively and upbeat. Your bathroom wall paint will appear well chosen if you follow this ingenious approach.


Thanks for coming this far with our article with such patience. Hope our piece could help you figure out what color shower curtain for gray bathroom. Now you can choose a shower curtain for your bathroom that will contrast well with the gray color and elevate the atmosphere inside the bathroom.

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