What is a Shower Arm? How to Choose One?-Ultimate Guide

Among all the shower accessories, safe to say shower arms are the most underlooked of them all. There are not many people who know what a shower arm is. 

Even when people consider buying shower accessories for their bathroom, they tend to choose a basic all-in-one showerhead, which includes shower arms and other alternatives.

However, let’s start from scratch – What is a shower arm?

A shower is basically a fitting of pipe which connects the shower head and the water supply behind the bathroom wall. It helps move the water away from your wall as well as prevents puddling. Moreover, it helps you get more room to clean and provides more flexibility to your shower head.

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What Is a Shower Arm? How Does It Work?

Simply, shower arm is used as a medium to connect between the showerhead and the water line behind the wall. 

A typical arm is roughly 12 inches long with a bend in the middle and comes in various shapes and lengths. 1/2-inch male pipe threads are included on both ends.

If your showerheads are too high or low, shower arms can help you out. The shower arm helps to adjust the height and angle, whether it’s too high or too low. 

What Are The Types of Shower Arms?

Among all the shower arms available in the market, the most used shower arms are- Standard shower arms, Straight shower arms, and Gooseneck or S-shaped shower arms

Gooseneck or S-shaped shower arms:

S-shaped shower arm

This types of shower arms are exactly what the name suggests, it is bend like s or goose. This style of shower arm is ideal for adjusting the showerhead’s height according to one’s needs. 

Usually, this kind of shower arm is 10-16 inches and is situated high enough in the washroom. This helps to raise the showerhead tall enough so that individuals can bathe more comfortably.

However, they are unsuitable for small bathrooms and do not fit heavy showerheads. 

Standard shower arms:

stainless steel shower arm

The most typical shower arms are standard shower arms. These kinds of shower arms are quite generic and are also shorter than other shower arms.

They are the most affordable option and can fit in any bathroom. But for being too generic, they aren’t aesthetically pleasing.

Straight shower arms:

straight shower arm

A contemporary alternative to traditional shower arms. Usually, the shower arms are placed at a 90° angle and also fully straight in nature.

These kinds of shower arms have a more contemporary look and feel. This kind of shower arm is generally more compatible and suitable for Rainfall shower heads. However, they are not suitable for a small-sized bathroom as it takes up more space than standard shower arms. 

How to Choose the Right Shower Arm 

These factors will help you to choose the perfect shower arm for your bathroom-

Style and Design

First, ask yourself- what kind of shower arm do you need?

Is it S-shaped for adjusting the height, a Straight shower arm for a more contemporary look, or a Standard shower arm for generic use? If you want a flexible shower arm, which you can be according to the height- this shower arm is for you.

These are a few common features that most shower arms possess. Check which shower arms fit your requirements and go for the right one.

Existing Showerhead Type

If you are going for a shower arm, chances are that you bought a shower head already. So now you must choose the shower arm suitable for the existing showerhead.

For instance, having a 12-inch showerhead and purchasing a Gooseneck shower arm won’t make sense. The bends will eventually blend and cause problems with the screws.

So, if you have a big shower head like a Rainfall shower head, it would be best to go with a Straight shower arm. You must double-check the measurements before making a purchase.

Finish and Color

Finally, it makes sense to purchase a shower arm that already coordinates with the color of your showerhead and the design of your bathroom as a whole. Choose chrome arms if your showers are chrome. Incorporate brass with brass.

In the market, various designs and finish choices are available for you to choose. Select a finish that goes more with the appearance of your bathroom. 

Quality and Craftsmanship

Last but certainly not least, choose well-known brands. This is wise advice, especially if you don’t like reading countless reviews, comparing models online, and getting too caught up in the technical details.

By placing your trust in a well-known brand on a global scale, you can be certain of the high quality of the supplies and workmanship you’ll be getting.

Additionally, you’ll have the assurance that they’re employing the most cutting-edge manufacturing processes. You will undoubtedly also receive superb customer service and a good warranty package. This will be helpful if you want to spend money on a product that will serve you for several years.

What are The Best Shower Arms Brands?

There are quite a good number of quality products in the market, whether S-shaped or Gooseneck shower arms, Straight shower arms, or Standard shower arms. To make things easier for you, we have come up with a list of products of S-shaped, Straight arms, and Standard shower arms

S-shaped or Gooseneck shower arms:

Product nameReasons to chooseFind it here
S-shaped shower Head Extension Arm with Flange Used Chrome plating- makes the shower arm easy to clean, corrosion resistant, and sturdy.Click here
TRUSTMI S-shaped shower ArmBrushed Nickel finished, scratch and corrosion resistant.Click here
JSJacksonSupplies S Shaped Shower armHigh-quality stainless steel, corrosion resistant at a comparatively low price.Click here

Straight Shower arms:

Product nameReasons to chooseFind it here
KES straight shower armBrushed nickel finish, built to resist corrosion, scratches, and tarnishing. Compatible with both plastic and metal shower heads.Click here
TRUSTMI Straight shower arm
Polished Chrome finished, scratch resistant and corrosion- at a low price.
Click here
EMBATEHR Extra Long and Thicken wall mounted shower arm Body made of high-quality brass- making it anti-rust and long-lasting durabilityClick here

Standard shower arms:

Product nameReasons to chooseFind it here
Aqua Elegante – Oil-Rubbed Bronze shower armA corrosion, resistant stainless steel is used in this material. Which can also resist high pressure, heat, salt, acids, minerals, and grit.Click here
Purelux Universal Shower ArmChrome finish- makes it anti-rust and has long-lasting durability in a budget rangeClick here
NearMoon Shower ArmOne of the cheapest in the market, leakproof and rust protected.Click here


How to fix a leaking shower arm?

Pull the showerhead apart. Use pliers to grip the shower arm if necessary to prevent it from spinning. Wrap the pliers’ jaws in masking tape as a great preventative measure against scratching.

Clean the shower arm’s threads by getting rid of any mineral buildup, pipe-joint compound, or old plumber’s tape. The plumber’s tape should be applied to the shower arm’s threads in the same direction that the showerhead will reattach. Replace the showerhead and tighten it up until it is quite snug. 

What to measure when choosing a shower arm?  

  • The shower arm size and the pipe size needs to be same. Measure both the diameter and the protrusion of the object. Also, take note of whether the threads (referred to as “male” and “female” in plumbing terminology) are on the inside or outside of the pipe.
  • The distance between shower arm and ceiling needs to be 2 feet
  • The dimensions (height, width, and length) of your shower cubicle need to be measured.

What is a standard shower arm length? 

In the United States and Canada, showerheads use a standard thread size known as half-inch NPT. Therefore, any showerhead that is available locally ought to work with your shower arm. 


Hope this article helped with the questions you had in mind. We tried to provide more than just answering what a shower arm is. The shower arm provides many benefits which people are unheard of. Now you can choose the best shower arm compatible with your home at ease.

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