What to Put On Back of Toilet for Decoration? (11 Ideas You Can Try)

We all use our bathroom so many times a day. We want to make sure that it is built in the best ways, both aesthetically and in terms of space.

Of course, the bathroom is a small space, and it is where decorating the back of your toilet comes into play. Putting items together will look elegant and provide you with space to organize your belongings and have everything within reach.

I’ve compiled a DIY list of decorative items you’ll need to embellish the back of your toilet and make it look vibrant in no time and with minimal effort.

#1 Wallpaper

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We’ll obviously begin with wall decor. Let me tell you that even wallpapering just the back wall of your toilet will transform your entire bathroom.

The best part about doing the wallpaper is that you can still create dimension and texture on your wall even if you don’t have any original features- and it will look absolutely exquisite and sophisticated.

Another fantastic idea is to incorporate tiles on the wall behind the toilet. It’s a reliable way to hang the art and keep everything sanitary and waterproof while maintaining a glamorous look.

Also, when choosing the wallpaper, make sure to use high contrast colors. You can also use bright accents to make your bathroom spectacular and leave everyone in awe!

#2 Shelves

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Believe me when I say that a lovely shelf display at the back of your toilet is all you need to make your bathroom look nice and spacious. It’ll give you the best of both worlds: functionality and endearing style.

You can paint and spruce up your shelving to match the color scheme of your bathroom.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: when you decorate your shelves, start with decorating the middle one. It will provide a solid foundation for further work and help make the overall display more aligned.

You can use a wooden tray to hold your essentials, toiletries in a jar, flowers, and candles. Keeping your belongings organized in this manner will help to complement your display.

Then, style the upper and lower shelves with storage boxes so that the products in them don’t overpower the rest of your display. Then you can counteract with baskets or well-organized towels.

You can even include a personal touch, such as a cute little succulent, diffuser, or framed art. All of this is explained in detail further down. So keep scrolling.

#3 Wall Recess

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If you believe that building shelves are a little outdated (which it isn’t), you can opt for a wall recess instead. There is no denying that having a recessed wall is appealing. They can be functional and artistically decorated, adding to the overall blandishments of the bathroom.

A little tip for you is to finish your recessed wall with patterned tile to add color and create an impressive viewpoint for your bathroom. You can also effectively light up the recess wall to add warmth to your bathroom. The best part is that it will also have a luxurious feel.

With a recessed wall- you can make the most of the space behind your toilet by storing your toiletries there. You can personalize the area by adding personal items, ornaments, frames, and a few other items, which are listed below.

#4 Storage Box

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Putting items and products that you use every day that clutter your bathroom in a storage box is the key to keeping your bathroom organized and making the most out of the limited space. The storage boxes will fit perfectly on the shelves at the back of your toilet.

You can keep all of your hair tools, such as; a hairdryer, straightener, or curler, in a storage box. Who wants the wires of these tools to detract from the ambiance of their perfectly mellow bathroom?

You can keep some extra toiletries in there, such as toilet paper, razors, shaving cream, or anything else you think you’ll need nearby. It’s also a good idea to keep a first-aid kit there.

When you put things in there, you’ll be less stressed when you’re in a hurry because you’ll know exactly where your item is.

Storage boxes are also a great way to add color to your bathroom while storing items that you need to keep safe and declutter your bathroom.

#5 Organized Towels

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When organizing your towels, it is best to place them on the top rack of the over-the-toilet shelf, but if you don’t have one, you can also store them in a hanging basket. If you have visitors over, keeping your towels tidy is the best you can do.

One advantage of having extra towels is that you can quickly get your hands on them if you forget to bring your towel to the shower because it will still be nearby.

White towels outshine because they go with any tone or theme and add a level of sophistication to any room. Also, if you decide to change the color scheme of your bathroom, those white towels will still look great.

Fold your towels correctly and get a nice fluffy edge to achieve perfectly organized towels. If you want to put your towels in a basket, roll them first; it will look much more elegant.

#6 Hanging Baskets


Hanging baskets are the new way to make your bathroom look its best. With some knobs attached, you can attach the baskets beneath the shelf. Alternatively, you could attach it to the sides of your toilet.

Baskets are the best way to hide items that you don’t want on display, such as toilet paper or other miscellaneous items that might come in handy while you’re on the toilet.

You can store your skincare and cleansing products in your hanging baskets. If you decide to hang these baskets on the wall behind your toilet, another intriguing thing to do with them is to put some indoor plants in them. You can learn more about the plants in the sections below.

The medium-sized baskets come in handy to store all of the bathroom’s knickknacks. They are also a stylish way to roll and store towels or leave a towel out for your guests.

And, if you spend more time resting in the bathroom with your phone with you, you can put it in one of the baskets to keep it from falling into the toilet while you wind down.

You can’t deny that small woven baskets are beautiful, and they’re ideal for storing your cleansing and body care products. 

You can also put hair ties in there if you forget to tie your hair before going to the restroom. You can even place sanitary pads for the best safety measures and easily access them.

#7 Succulent

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I have no idea what you’re doing if you’re a nature lover who hasn’t decided to put succulents in your bathroom. For a few succulents, humidity is deadly, and I’m going to tell you how to avoid it while still making your bathroom look cute with them.

Now I’m going to assist you by telling you that there are succulents that can survive in humidity, but you’ll have to do your own research to find out which ones.

Placing your planters in hanging baskets is an excellent way to begin introducing aesthetic appearance and texture into your bathroom, as previously stated. You can even put these on your shelves to display vibrant greens. Also, because getting succulents wet is risky, the top shelf is ideal for storing them.

If succulents aren’t an option, you can use fake plants to add color to your bathroom. Potted plants in bathrooms have also been popular for some time. Flowers are also a viable option.

#8 Toiletries in a Jar

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Keeping your toiletries and hygiene products in a jar will save you from hassle. As you read above about putting them on your middle shelf, I’ll now go over what to put there to help you if you need something right away.

It’s true that nothing beats a jar when it comes to convenience. You can find these jars in a bathroom set that perfectly matches your theme and complements other items.

You can place cotton buds, cotton balls, facial moisturizer, face wash, contact solution, hand creams, body lotions, and other bathroom accessories in your jars placed above the toilet tank.

#9 Wooden Trays

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Wooden trays — A perfect way to give the back of the toilet a vintage touch.

You can even substitute a wooden tray for the jar. In fact, you’ll be able to put more things in there, such as hair oils or face serums. You could even include a mini perfume bottle, hand sanitizer, tweezer, and other usable items.

To add a touch of elegance, you can place a candle or diffuser on your tray or wooden box. It will also help contribute to the style of your bathroom.

#10 Diffuser

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Scent diffusers are my absolute favorite, and I believe you should have one on your bathroom shelves. The aromatherapy diffuser will fill your room with the scent of your choice. You can even combine essential oils to create the ideal blend for your specific needs and desired mood.

Oil diffusers are another excellent option. They are simple to maintain and quiet, and many of them can operate on battery power rather than main power.

Of course, you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your guests by having a stinky bathroom.

#11 Framed Art

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Last but not least, you can hang cute little frames on the back of your toilet’s shelves. Your frame can use general images, illustrations, and other works. A well-chosen piece in a lovely frame is all it takes to make an exquisite statement.

If you do not intend to install a shelf above your toilet, you can only use a framed artwork. 

However, ensure that it is not too high and is at eye level. Or, to put it another way. It should be 5’6″ above the ground when placed on the back of the toilet.

You may decorate the framed art with vanity lights and fresh flowers.


You have all of your ideas for decorating the wall behind your toilet by now. So don’t waste any more time and start working on decorating your bathroom to perfection.

I can assure you that your efforts will not be in vain if you use the ideas you’ve just read. You’ll be able to transform your bathroom into something luxurious, vibrant, and stunning, with plenty of storage and everything neatly organized.

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