How Do Men Poop?

Everyone poops! However, that doesn’t imply that everybody knows everything there is to know about pooping. When men sit down to use the toilet, the area around the tip of their pubic bone is quite some inches away from touching the toilet’s bowl. There’s plenty of room for their belongings to fit through the toilet seat into the toilet. In fact, the tip of their pipe curves down towards the front area of the bowl, but it mostly won’t touch its surface.

Sometimes, men try to keep the pooping bowl in place by holding their parts close to their bodies. They can do that by resting their hands on their private part (that is, just above the seat), but this is only a temporary solution. With an elongated bowl, there’s quite a reasonable distance between their part and the toilet bowl.

So, What Makes Men Poop Differently? 

Poop isn’t just something that people enjoy doing; Yes! It has enormous health benefits. Doctors and Scientists who study fecal matter have discovered that feces is an end-product of a combination of different bacteria found in the gut, which influences your health differently.

Are you still wondering how men poop? Well, relax! Women and men digest food differently because of differences in how their bodies are organized. Some surgeons are so adept at identifying which gender a patient is and could also guess their sex by the help of colonoscopy.

Typically, women have larger pelvises than men and have more internal organs in the region (including the ovaries and uterus). Because women have larger pelvises, their colons hang lower than men and are longer (by about ten centimeters). Men also have thicker abdominal walls that allow them to push food more quickly through the GI tract.

Doctors claim that this makes the passing of stool more difficult for women. Typically, food travel for a long time to get into women’s stomachs, and as a result, they are more likely to feel bloated. Meanwhile, men have better bowel movements than women do.

Why Do Men Spend More Time on the Bowl? 

Apparently, men sit for a longer time on the bowl. A retail study concluded that men spend up to 14 minutes each day sitting on the toilet bowl compared with females, who spend 8 minutes every day. But this is not a study designed with the kind of rigor that would be expected from a well-designed study.

There must be some reason why men take a longer time on the bowl. It might seem like a physical reason for women to spend more time on the toilet than men. But the evidence suggests the exact opposite.

It takes women longer to get food through their intestines than men. Women are more likely to experience constipation due to having irritable bowel syndrome compared to men. As a result, it takes longer for women to poop, from when they start their bowel movement to when it stops.

But even if you consider the differences in the number of fiber women and men take, it doesn’t matter much.

Is It Harmful to Spend More Time on The Bowl?

In a study in Turkey, spending five minutes in the toilet was linked with having anal fissures and hemorrhoids. One study from Italy found that the longer people spent sitting on a toilet, the more serious their hemorrhoids were.

Long hours of sitting can cause damage to the gastrointestinal tract because it causes blood pressure to build up in the abdomen. When a person has a bowel movement, less blood flows into the rectum and cushions that support the anus. It results in blood pooling in the cushions that support the anus, causing hemorrhoids to more likely occur.

How Should Healthy Poop Look Like? 

There’s no “ideal poop,” but several indicators show that your digestive tract is healthy and your gut microbiome is functioning well. Some doctors believe that pooping three times every week is enough but many of them suggest that you ought to probably poop every day – if you’re able to eat food every day. Unfortunately, some people don’t poop very often due to excess stress. Stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline can cause the digestive system to take a long time to function correctly.

How Do Men Poop?
A healthy poop.

In ideal conditions, it should be easy to poop every day if you have a healthy gut. This should be like a long, smooth, continuous log — about the size of a pebble or a football — that you can easily make by using your thumb and index fingers to form a circle. Floating stool is a sign that your body is having problems digesting food, and it can cause you to feel sick.

Doctors suggest that poop should be as big as a three to four as per the Bristol scale. But even if your poop doesn’t look like a perfect, simple, continuous log, that doesn’t mean you’re sick. It may just mean that you have some other diet issues. It may be that you’re not getting enough fiber from your diet, or your gut isn’t functioning correctly.


Do men get boners as they poop?

To answer this question appropriately, please watch this short video:

Does poo touch your G-spot?

This gland is located on the inside of the prostate. It sits right in front of your rectum. Some factors may cause your G-spot to feel a lot of ‘poo-euphoria if you have a particularly big bowel movement.

Is it perfectly normal for poop to smell bad?

Yes! It’s normal for your poop to smell unpleasant. This smell is caused by the helpful bacteria that help the colon break down foods that you have eaten. Poop produces different odors depending on what you eat or how you feel.

Wrapping Up 

Since both men and women possess chromosomes and typically have the same digestive tract system, they go through the same routines. When we think about your many bodily functions, we can assume that the men you interact with also poop the same way you do.

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