No Poop on Toilet Paper After Wiping?

No poop on toilet paper after wiping? If you are wondering what the problem is, it’s called ghost poop! You might be having an underlying condition that causes you to constantly use half of the tissue paper roll after you’ve pooped but still can’t see anything on the paper. If this happens, contact your doctor to help rule out any medical issue.

Remember that wiping too hard can cause you to feel very itchy, irritated, and uncomfortable after you finish using the bathroom. When you have a bowel movement, it should take 2 -3  swipes of toilet paper to dry the perineal area.

So, if you experience some other unusual symptoms, read through this article to see what could be the cause, and visit your doctor if the symptoms continue.

What Are Ghost Poops?

Watch this short video to understand what a ghost poop is and why it happens!

3 Definitions of Evasive Ghost Poop

  • I. The feeling to poop those only results in gas – It is caused by too much air in your intestines and rectum. It activates the nervous system and causes you to crave to go to the washroom to poop. The culprit? Overeating gassy foods are hence becoming constipated.
  • II. A poop that is so smooth that it goes down the drain before you realize it!
  • III. You’ve pooped in your toilet bowl, but no poop marks on the tissue paper after wiping your butt.

The Correct Way to Wipe Your Bum

When you’ve finished comfortably doing your business, always wipe from the front to the back of your body. Avoid having skin-to-skin contact with the poop. It is effortless to reach behind your butt and between the legs, and use plenty of folded or crumpled toilet paper to wipe. Always wipe backward, starting from the area between the genitalia and your bum.

Use as much tissues as needed to clean the bum. Never remove any lint or dirt from the skin around your perennial area. It can cause a micro-cut in the skin, allowing bacteria to enter your body through these tinny tears.

You can stretch and reach between your feet if you can’t reach behind your back for any reason, such as arthritis, weight, or an injury. However, remember that you need to wipe from front to back, not from the back to the front. This is especially vital for women who have a cyst. It is essential to wipe the area from front to back because it prevents fluid from entering the private area, where urine typically exits the body. If any poop touches your skin, immediately flush it with cool water and soap.

What Are the Consequences of Poor Wiping? Have More Complications?

Wiping up your butt after you’re done your business on the toilet bowl is important in achieving a feeling of cleanliness. Not wiping out all the poop after having a bowel movement can cause the risk of developing certain health conditions:

 In women, you increase your chances to:

  • Vaginitis
  • UTIs
  • Labial irritation

In men, you’re likely to face issues such as:

  • General discomfort
  • Itching

Reasons Why You Might Be Wiping Many Times After a Bowel Movement

A few things can cause you to have difficulty wiping your butt or make it difficult to feel totally clean after you’re done with the business. Note that everyone sometimes has to wipe their bum a little more time than usual. But when you suddenly need to wipe using a lot of paper, and there’s still no poop on the paper, it may be that one of the following health conditions is causing it.

1. Bowel Leakage

Leakage in your stool is sometimes called fecal incontinence. It occurs when you have a hard time holding your urge to poop in a normal way. When you pass gas, you may leak stool. Or, you may find that you leak stool all through the day.

2. Hemorrhoids

The swollen veins outside or inside the perennial area that cause bleeding, itchiness, or pain are what is known as Hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are most common in women.

Research reports that 1 out of 20 grown-ups in the U.S and that approximately half of the population who are 50 years and older may have hemorrhoids. Some people struggle to completely clean since their stools can get stuck to their swollen veins.

3. Anorectal Abscess

An anorectal abscess is a painful, pus-filled sac that drains from the inside of the bowel (e.g., the interior of a balloon) to cause blood, pus, or bowel distention. It may be pus, stool, or blood draining from the abscess. Lack of treatment for anorectal abscess can lead to a fistula.


Is a no-wipe poop healthy?

For females, not wiping stool correctly can increase the risks of Urinary Tract Infections, Vaginitis, and Irritation. On the other hand, men can experience itchiness and genital discomfort.

What are the common symptoms of bowel problems?

The signs include vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, abdominal and gas bloating, and abdominal discomfort.

How can you have bowel movements cleanly?

It’s simple! You should drink enough water, eat fiber-rich foods, vegetables, grains, nuts, and fruits, and adapt the ideal bathroom sitting posture when you have bowel movements.

Bottom Line

If there is no poop on your toilet paper after wiping your bum, it’s easy to presume that your bowel is performing its job correctly and is drying the poop out before it’s excreted; thus, there is no waste in cleaning your bum. Unfortunately, if a person has constipation and the waste is not passed out as needed, this can cause damage to the bowel, resulting in bleeding and other health complications. It would be best to see your doctor to rule out any serious issue.

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