How to Clean a Shower Curtain?

Woman cleaning bathtub curtain using rag cloth and soap spray

The shower is a way of cleaning ourselves and removing all the toxins and other impurities from our bodies. But have we ever wondered if the shower curtains that we regularly use while showering are clean and germ-free? Those who are not aware of how dirty our shower curtains are will be astonished to hear … Read more

Faucet vs Spigot vs Tap

Do you use a faucet, tap, or spigot to wash your hands at the sink? Even though many English speakers perceive these words as synonyms, are they all the same thing? Are there any technical differences between these three? Let’s find out. A faucet is a water fixture that is used to control the flow … Read more

What Is a Shower Toilet?

Toilet and bidet in one: The puristic and stylish designed shower-toilet SensoWash

You probably would’ve heard about the amazing features, creative designs, and variety of available models that a shower toilet can offer. I’m sure there’s a question on your mind; what exactly is a shower toilet, and is it even worth the buzz? To put it simply, a shower toilet is similar to a standard toilet … Read more

How to Make a Toilet Seat Close Quietly?

hand closing the toilet seat gently

It’s common for many people to be bothered by loud noises, and closing toilet seats is one of them that you frequently hear throughout the day. I’ve got some great suggestions for you on how to close the toilet seat to eliminate this noise silently. To eliminate the noise created by closing the toilet seat, … Read more

Can You Wear an Apple Watch in the Shower?

wearing black apple watch while showering and with shampoo on hand

Over the past few years, Apple watches have become quite popular. Due to appealing features (exercise tracking, notifications, message, and call alerts), people usually wear them throughout the day. In short, Apple Watch has become their routine gadget. However, some people are curious about knowing can an apple watch be worn during a shower. As … Read more

Shower Randomly Stops Working: Causes And Fixes

the man in the foam is standing in the bathtub all in the foam and emotionally shakes the shower, there is no water. water failure

If you’re like me, you probably enjoy a nice hot shower at the end of a long day. Unfortunately, there may be times when your shower randomly stops working. This can be frustrating and confusing, especially if you don’t know what’s causing it. Often the shower doesn’t stop out immediately, first its flow decreases, then … Read more

Do Bathroom Fans Remove Smell?

Close up horizontal photo of female hand giving thumbs up after cleaning and installing bathroom fan vent cover from ceiling

Bathroom fans do a good job of reducing the humidity in a bathroom after a shower. But bathrooms can also have bad odors from a range of different sources. In this article, I will explain whether bathroom fans remove smells. Overall, bathrooms do remove smell from a bathroom. But only from temporary sources such as … Read more

Why Do Bathroom Stalls Have Gaps?

male office worker in a bathroom stall

Bathrooms in residential properties have a regular door that goes from the ceiling to the floor. Whereas public restrooms have a large space above and below the door. There are many reasons why this is, and in this article, I explain why bathroom stalls have gaps. In general, people can see if a stall is … Read more

Can Shower Head And Valve On Different Walls?

In modern bathroom new construction, there is a shower head in front of the tub

It is a common practice that the showerhead and valve are installed on the same wall. But It’s possible that you’re wondering, “can shower heads and valves on different walls?” Yes, as long as the controls are easily accessible from the doorway, a showerhead and valve can be located on different walls. If the valve … Read more